Conditions and costs of joining in power bank sharing rental

2023-01-07 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

With the increasing importance of mobile phones to our lives, the popularity of public power bank rental has also risen. Now, many merchants have taken the initiative to apply for shared power banks for customers to use, so that they can make money by scanning and paying for the public power banks rental. Many people have seen this business opportunity. So today we will talk about the conditions and cost of joining in the shared power bank.

First, for different brands, the conditions for agent joining are different. According to the current two main ways, it can be divided into direct brand and agent brand. Direct selling brands need to pay a franchise fee according to the size of the exclusive area. In addition, for brands that purchase machines as agents, the starting capital varies according to the number of goods they take.

Introduction to individual joining conditions and costs of rental power bank stations
As an agent, you can directly contact the brand of shared power bank for cooperation, and start with a capital of several thousand dollars.
The following conditions are required for an agent to power bank rental sharing:
1. Capital requirements, there should be costs for purchasing the shared power bank equipment
2. Psychological requirements, we need to have a certain sales ability, and want to take the public rental power bank as a career, with long-term operation and maintenance.
3. Networking requirements: entrepreneurs need to have a certain network, such as merchant resources.
Personal can agent sharing rental power banks as a sideline. They can spare their spare time to go to the merchants and give them a share, and then they can get a steady stream of rental income from the power bank.

OEM joining conditions and costs of rental power bank stations

Establishing a new brand of power bank sharing charger for national investment promotion or self distribution, the cost is relatively high, which is divided into software development cost and hardware production cost. The start-up capital is more than 10000 dollars. The following conditions are required for the OEM joining of the shared power bank:
1. Capital requirements: software and hardware costs, development costs, etc. The OEM of shared power bank station is a heavy asset project, with large start-up funds, high operating costs and large demand for funds.
2. Manpower cost: To be an OEM of public power banks sharing, it requires investment promotion personnel, operation personnel, financial personnel, and customer service personnel, all of which need to have the existing configuration. It is very simple. Public rental power banks are leased 24 hours a day to generate orders, and customer service personnel need to work in shifts 24 hours a day to deal with customer complaints online.
3. Merchant resources: OEM orders of power bank charger sharing usually start at more than 100 units. If you get the goods, you must spread them out. Either you have strong investment attraction ability to recruit subordinate agents, or you have huge merchant resources, and you can directly switch to existing merchants.   


The above is the joining conditions and costs of the shared power banks. As the manufacturer of the power bank rental stations, STW provides the joining agent of the power bank rental charging station and OEM customized services. Personal agents can join as low as 10 units. Welcome to know more about it.