What need to note in the cooperation between stores and shared power banks?

2023-01-04 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

 Now we can see power bank rental stations at the front of the store or the front desk. As an emergency charging product for mobile phones, sharing power bank stations cover all kinds of scenarios. What should we pay attention to in the cooperation between stores and shared power banks?


1.Experience of the device

The experience of a shared power bank machine has many aspects, such as the appearance of the device, which needs to look high-end, sophisticated and classy and conform to the overall style level of the store. Therefore, some bars and large shopping malls often place shared power bank advertising machines.

The other is the rental experience: the operation needs to be simple and convenient. It supports double credit rent with no deposit. There are few advertisements and the return is simple. There is no need to manually click the return button or use mobile phones to end the order.

Product experience: The use experience of independent single line will be better.

The experience of the product determines the subsequent rental rate, re rental rate, and the overall image of the store. If the rental power bank product itself is not reliable, it will only hurt contacts and eventually be removed by the store.

From the user's point of view, we can make the experience of the shared charging power bank better, so that we can have good charging rental income and reduce unnecessary after-sales trouble.


2.Equipment placement position

The sharing power bank charging machine needs to be placed in a conspicuous position, such as at the entrance of the store, where we can place the cabinet of the supporting exhibition rack to provide 24-hour service for renting the power bank. Or it can be placed at the cash register at the entrance of the store, so that users can see it when they enter the store, and actively attract users to rent the power bank.

A store is not suitable for placing more than two brands of shared power bank rental machines, otherwise users will have a choice barrier, and do not know which brand is good to rent, and putting too many brands of power bank rental is not conducive to subsequent reconciliation. Therefore, it is good for users to find and rent a shared power bank in a clean and tidy place, instead of placing it in some corners. In this way, users will have a bad service experience if it is inconvenient to rent.




3.Dividend receipt and withdrawal rules

When a store places a power bank sharing station, it will charge the shared power bank's profit. If it is some high traffic entertainment venues, it will also charge entry fees. Therefore, from the point of view of shops, the revenue of the power bank rental needs to be checked on time and withdrawn at any time.

At present, many brands of shared power bank use the monthly settlement mode. For shops, the cash withdrawal experience is not friendly. With many brands of shared phone charger, it is important to choose a brand with simple cash withdrawal.


4.Timeliness of after-sales treatment

After sales includes user pre-sales and after-sales service, refund application, cabinet power bank supplement, equipment cleaning and maintenance, product upgrading and iterative replacement, equipment damage needs to be returned to the factory for treatment, etc. From the perspective of shops, sharing power bank is mainly for the convenience of users, but benefits are only a small part, so shops need to choose brand cooperation with good after-sales service and timely customer complaint handling.


The above are the four aspects that should be paid attention to in the cooperation between shops and shared power banks. For the market, shared power banks are a project that can continue to operate. As long as mobile phones exist, the industry can continue to develop.