Launch scheme of public power bank rental stations

2023-01-11 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The launch of power bank shared charging stations needs skills and reasonable planning, so as to control the entrepreneurial risk and return the cost faster, achieve the goal of stable income through scientific management. Today, let's take a look at the launch plan of public shared power bank stations.

Choose the brand of power bank sharing: the best one is the one that suits you.


There are many brands of shared power bank. Some people blindly choose so-called big brands, but for example, some brands that have been made very early have a large threshold, low profit distribution, monthly income settlement, and a large local share. Under the condition that the same brand does not allow malicious competition, they take the goods but cannot sell them, resulting in the risk of hoarding.

Facts have proved that many brands of capital operation have transformed to recruit agents, so it is the most reliable to choose the agent mode to directly pick up goods.

Select the appropriate brand of shared power bank to cooperate, and take the goods step by step, so as to achieve sustainable operation.


Launch site of power bank shared charging stations: grasp high-quality merchant resources.

The revenue of the shared charging bank is closely related to the launch site. A business opportunity with stable customer flow, such as bars, bathing places, brand chain restaurants, star hotels, etc., may have more than 10 ordinary businesses. So when the agent takes the goods, the first step is to use the resources around him to spread the goods to generate revenue. It is not advisable to be picky, because the equipment at home will not automatically generate revenue.

The second stage: continuously develop merchants, through the observation of backend data, remove the merchants with low income, put the equipment into new high-quality shops, and finally, after several rounds of circulation, improve their average revenue per unit, so as to achieve the improvement of the overall quality of the merchants and the improvement of rental income.

Only by grasping the high-quality merchant resources can the stable and sustainable revenue be grasped, which is one of the important links in the launch of shared battery power bank stations.