Operation plan and marketing strategy of power bank shared rental

2023-01-03 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

If you choose a sharing power bank rental station to join in the cooperation, you can continue to make profits. Then some people will think, how should I maintain the shared power bank cabinet daily? Today, let's talk about the operation plan and marketing strategy of the shared power bank.

1. Check online and offline status of the equipment
The power bank sharing needs to be online at all times to provide leasing services after launching. If the device is offline during business hours, it needs to be tracked and handled in a timely manner after 24 hours. Do not keep the device idle.


2. Dispatch and supplement of power bank

The use of the power bank is different in each place. For example, if an 9-port shared power bank device is full, users cannot return it from another place, which will cause a bad experience. At this time, it is necessary to take out one or two power banks properly, and leave a port to provide a port for returning from another place.

In addition, if there is a shortage of power bank sharing, such as bars and airports, users will buy out a lot of power banks. If there is a shortage of long-term power banks, it will definitely affect the revenue. You can supplement them through background observation.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of equipment

The power bank sharing station needs to be cleaned irregularly when it is put out, so that users have the desire to rent it. Dirty and disorderly power bank will inevitably bring a bad experience, so it needs to be cleaned regularly. During the epidemic, it is better to disinfect it frequently, so that businesses can improve their goodwill and actively introduce high-quality businesses.


4. Equipment upgrading and renewal

If several ports of the power bank rental cabinet are damaged, it is better to replace them, otherwise the rental experience will be affected and the cabinet will be ugly. In addition, if the model of the equipment is too old, the merchant needs to replace it with a new one,we should replace it to maintain a good business relationship.

5. Timely renewal of merchant agreement

The merchant agreement is the exclusive placement agreement signed by the agent and merchant of the rental power bank station. Before the expiration of the agreement, you need to renew the agreement with the merchant in time, or other brands will have the opportunity to snatch your merchant.


6. The power bank is aged and replaced in time

At present, most of the power banks have been recharged and discharged for 500 times in a cycle, and the actual discharge capacity (rated capacity) of the 5000 mAh power bank itself is 3300 mAh. If the attenuation is too much, the user will lose power after renting and charging for a while. This experience is very poor, so it needs to replace new power banks in batches within one year to resist aging.


7. Timely handle customer complaints

The place where the power bank rental station placed in a business. For merchants, the revenue of the power bank is certainly not as large as that of the main products of the shop. Therefore, if users have customer complaints, as the agent of the shared power bank, they need to deal with them timely and patiently.


The above is the operation plan and marketing strategy of the shared power bank. Of course, if you want to do a good job in sharing power banks, you need to choose a reliable enterprise to cooperate with, so that you can get sustainable benefits after the subsequent operation and maintenance. As a manufacturer of power bank sharing machines, STW provides agency and OEM services for shared power banks. Welcome to know more.