What are the advantages of power bank rental charging?

2022-12-22 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

First, coverage of multiple scenarios

From the appearance of the powerbank shared to its market operation in many aspects, the coverage of the sharing power bank has gradually expanded, and the continuous upgrading of infrastructure has formed a qualified atmosphere for the expansion of user scale. For a long time, the refined operation performance of the platform has also been good. Many enterprises use big data to achieve better scene layout, achieve more user coverage, and achieve higher user reach rate. With the deployment of massive scenes, the number of users is increasing day by day.


The application of fragmented scenes has grown, and applications such as short videos have taken up more time. Users are more anxious than before. Currently, charging is still the only demand of mobile phone users. At the same time, with the increase of the number of power bank station rental outlets, as the shared power bank has been constantly infiltrated in restaurants, shopping malls, subway stations, railway stations, airports to hotels, KTV, Internet cafes, bath centers and other places, it has basically covered many scenarios such as users' mobile travel shopping, catering, entertainment and leisure. With the expansion of the coverage, this charging demand has been gradually addressed.

Second, the goal cycle of shared power bank is shorter

The compact shared power bank does not need to occupy public land, has low loss rate and low manufacturing cost, which are important conditions for its survival. As the professionals in the industry said, the power bank rental is currently more in line with the mode of mass consumption habits: just needed, high-frequency, and small amount. The mode is simple, and the sharing of the power bank can run through the energy regardless of the objective factors.


The production cost, equipment depreciation, operation cost and human maintenance cost of the shared power bank are far lower than those of the shared bicycles. From the point of view of the loss rate of the rental power bank, even if the loss rate is 50%, it is far lower than that of the shared bicycles.

Third, future Imagination Space

At present, the industry of sharing power bank rental station has changed from deposit leasing to credit leasing, which has solved the common problem of sharing - the concerns brought by deposits. The enterprise operation will be more transparent, and the user expansion will also be stable. At the same time, the enterprise mode of shared power bank charging will be clearer. In the future, with the further improvement of the platform's operation capacity, scenic spots, transportation hubs, public service places and other scenes will become important channels for the subsequent layout and development of the market.