Can the rental power bank be returned to the cabinet after purchase?

2022-12-02 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

  The value of the power bank rental is sharing. Everyone can rent the power bank by scanning the QR code. Some people feel it good to use after renting it for a period of time, so they will buy it. As we all know, the shared power bank is automatically charged on the station, but they don't know how to charge it after buying it. So how to charge the shared power bank? Can we buy the power bank and return it?

  Some of the purchased shared power banks can be charged, but some cannot be charged by themselves, so you must check before buying them out. Generally, the shared power bank does not support self charging. The shared charger battery is directly recharged by the cabinet. A special inductive charging setting is set at the bottom of the shared charger battery. After returning, the shared charger battery will automatically induct charging, such as STW shared power bank. Some shared charger battery can be charged by themselves. There will be an input USB port on the power bank. It is convenient to select an appropriate data cable to connect to the power supply for charging.

  It is not allowed to buy the power bank and return it. The shared power bank itself is used for sharing. After purchase, it belongs to personal property and cannot be returned, because once purchased, it is likely to cause damage. If you continue to return it, it may cause the power bank to be unusable and cause loss to the business interests. Therefore, it is not supported to return it.