Is it worth investing in rental power bank sharing?

2022-11-30 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The rapidly developing sharing industry in recent years can be linked to the sustainable pipeline revenue. Why do we say that?

Because the revenue source of the Shared Power Bank Agent is that users rent it, the system will automatically deduct the money, and your account will increase the revenue. The whole process does not require you to provide any labor. In the early stage, as long as you find a place with a high flow of people to put power bank sharing stations, as long as users rent the power bank, you will get profits. This is indeed a blessing for entrepreneurs looking for projects.


The investment amount is not high. Now, most of them do not need to pay a franchise fee. In addition, most of the shared power banks on the market can also be used as agents as low as small quantity. Therefore, the investment amount of 10000usd or 50000usd to 100000usd can be invested. How much you invest depends on how much you want to return and your ability to resist risks.

The shared battery bank can be recycled when the hardware consumption is low, and the order quantity can be accumulated through high-frequency order amount; In this way, the whole market for the placement of power bank sharing stations tends to be rational and the market environment is more favorable for development. The industry is becoming more mature, the business mode has been verified by the market, the first and second tier high-yield areas have been covered, the user habits have been successfully cultivated, and the profit has basically been achieved.