Know more about power bank rental shared stations

2022-12-06 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The leasing process of the power bank rental shared can be roughly divided into 4 steps: scanning code, registration, payment and lending. Generally, the whole process takes less than 3 minutes.
1. Mobile phone shared power bank refers to charging and leasing equipment provided by enterprises. Users can use the mobile device to scan QR code and pay the deposit to rent a shared phone power bank. After the successful return of the power bank, money will be deducted automatically.
2. The appearance of the phone shared charger battery has made it convenient for many people who are in urgent need of charging but forget to bring the power bank. Naturally, the convenience it provides is also fee based. Although not a lot of money, some people think it is unnecessary. Even a few people deliberately steal and destroy the shared power bank. In addition to bike sharing, operators are also worried about the stolen use of the shared power battery, so can the shared power bank be used after being forced out? Some curious people have done experiments specially.

3. With a tool ruler and wedge, the user successfully took out the shared power bank in the cabinet. After taking out the sharing power bank, the lamp on the power bank was measured, indicating that there was electricity in it, but it was found that it could not be charged after the phone was plugged in. Apple, Android and TYPE-C interfaces have been tried, which shows that there is a layer of protection inside the shared charger. If you want to use it, you must unlock it by scanning the code.
4. And we found that many shared power batteries have special charging interfaces. Ordinary chargers cannot charge but can only charge in the corresponding cabinets, so even if they are forcibly taken out, they can only be used once. There is no need to steal them. We found that compared with bicycle sharing, which nobody cares about, the indoor maintenance of the sharing power bank is much better, and the relative failure rate and damage rate are much lower, which greatly reduces the equipment operation and maintenance costs, which is one of the reasons why the power bank rental shared can succeed.