Profit sharing scheme for merchants of power bank sharing business

2022-11-02 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

As a short-term rental device, the agent purchases the shared charging device, and then puts it in the store to provide users with scanning code rental for paid use.

How to share the profits of power bank sharing business?

In fact, the operation mode is very simple. As an agent partner, how much profit should be shared by the merchants when they put the shared power bank device in the merchants? Now it is divided into two profit sharing schemes.

The first type: Fixed monthly fee. For the vast majority of businesses, the power bank sharing business is an additional source of income, rather than a main business. For the convenience of many businesses, they will supply the points to the agent through the rent mode, without sharing.

The second type: Share according to the proportion of device rental income. For more businesses, they will choose to share a portion of the device revenue for cooperation. For example, if the profit sharing ratio of the STW Shared Power Bank agent is 100%, you can set the profit sharing ratio of the merchants in the backend. The agent and the merchant have independent backend, and the fees paid by the customer for scanning the code will be automatically settled to the backend, and you can pick it up yourself. The operation is simple and clear.