What are the characteristics of shared portable charger source manufacturers?

2022-10-20 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

With the rapid development of 5G, shared portable chargers continue to grow explosively. The profit model of just-needed, high-frequency, and small shared portable chargers has led to the emergence of many shared portable charger brands. However, shared portable chargers are products with heavy assets. As an agent, it is necessary to choose the source manufacturer of shared portable charger to cooperate, so that the income can be guaranteed. So what characteristics does the source manufacturer of shared portable charger have?

1. Patented technology

Patents have always been very important for shared portable chargers, among which Electron Technology has the most patents, so there have been many patent battles between street and incoming calls. If a small shared portable charger brand does not have its own product patent, then it is easy to The defendant infringed, ranging from compensation, to recalling all the equipment in the worst case, and the brand immediately disappeared.

Therefore, to choose a shared portable charger, you need to find a brand with complete patents. We take STW shared portable charger as an example. A shared portable charger device with 8 ports includes the upper control layer, the lower overlay, and the appearance patent, the design patent of the power bank. Wait, these are all indispensable.

Only brands with patented technology can develop for a long time, can have differentiated competitive advantages, and can distribute goods in the market faster. This is one of the characteristics of the source manufacturers of shared portable chargers.

2. Production base

The second characteristic of the source manufacturers with shared portable chargers is that they need to have a fixed production base. Brands without production workshops do not have the ability to manufacture products, update and upgrade products, and agents do not have stock supply for the goods, and there is no short-term after-sales maintenance. Periodic maintenance.

Now many brands claim to have their own factories, but there are no more than 10 shared portable charger manufacturers in the country at present, and there are not many really powerful ones. Therefore, as an agent, you need to confirm the address of the brand manufacturer. It is best to conduct an on-site inspection. Take responsibility for your own investments.

3. Team strength

Shared portable charger manufacturers have a strong team strength, the first is the investment team, followed by the technology, customer service team, these are very important.

There is a stable and strong investment promotion team, so as to ensure the national brand share, and avoid the problem of users who have rented a power bank but can't find a place to return it.

Only with a technical team can we have our own stable product upgrades, function updates, system upgrades and other conditions, and only with technical strength can we go further.

Only with a strong customer service team can we provide 24-hour after-sales customer service support, so as to have a good user experience and product maintenance capabilities.

The above are some of the main characteristics of the source manufacturers of shared portable chargers. As an entrepreneur, you need to recognize the qualifications and strength of the partner you are working with, so as to control the risks. Hard to make money. As the source manufacturer of shared portable chargers, STW Technology provides one-stop shared portable charger franchise agency services. The cooperation and profit sharing are 100%. Welcome to consult and visit the company for on-the-spot investigation and negotiation.