How to make money from sharing power bank?

2022-10-14 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

As a representative product of the current sharing industry chain, shared power bank is very profitable, but many people do not know how to make money from this product, so today we will take a look at how shared power bank makes money?

One: rental income

The rental income is well understood, that is, the income generated by the shared power bank scan code rental, which accounts for more than 90% of the total profit of the shared power bank products. Most shared power bank brands can set such a price: half-hour billing price , one-hour billing price, and 24-hour capping price,

Agents can set different rental prices for a single device according to the city level, delivery location, consumption capacity, emergency level, etc.

For example, in Shenzhen, bar KTVs are generally suitable for placing shared charging treasure advertising machines. The equipment rental price is about 4 yuan/half an hour, and the 24-hour cap price is 50 yuan.

For general businesses such as milk tea shops and restaurants, the rental price is set at 3 yuan for one hour, or 1.5 yuan for half an hour, and the capped price is set at 20-30 yuan.

Rental income is also one of the main features of shared power bank products. It is not a one-time consumer product, but can be rented repeatedly at high frequency, which is a good choice for many people to start a business.

sharing power bank

Two: Deposit income

Deposit income is also called buyout income or lost income. Although most brands are rent-free now, deposit-free rent does not mean that the power bank can not be returned.

For example, take the STW shared power bank as an example, if the power bank is not returned after the device is charged with 99 yuan, the deposit of 99 yuan will be automatically deducted. After deducting 99, the status of the power bank changes from leased to lost, which means that the agent has bought out the power bank and does not need to return it. There is a separate Micro-usb charging port on the side of the power bank, which can be charged by itself.

Now each brand of deposit income has a different share ratio for the agent. After the deposit income agent can buy a power bank to supplement it, they can earn an additional income ranging from 10 to 30 yuan.

For some charging treasure rental machines placed in scenic spots, airports or high-speed railway stations, and entertainment venues, the probability of users buying them out by themselves is still quite high, and this revenue accounts for about 5% of the total profit of the agent. When the power bank is lost, the agent needs to pay attention to the equipment from the background in time.

Three: Advertising revenue

Advertising revenue mainly includes two aspects, one is the stickers or light box equipment on the power bank equipment, which can print some local business advertisements to help the agents settle in for differentiated competition, on the other hand, some shared power bank equipment with LED liquid crystal display Screen, when the agent has enough power bank cabinets in a certain business district, they can receive advertisements and advertise to local businesses, which can account for about 5% of the total profit of the shared power bank.

But how can a convenience store operator or some distributors obtain more profits? Then there is no doubt that you should choose shared power bank manufacturers to get goods at factory prices. Of course, not all shared power bank manufacturers will give you a very cheap price. If you want to get more profits from shared power bank, I think hwt may be a good choice. Come and talk to us and try to see if you can get a very good quality shared power bank at a very reasonable price. Of course, if you can’t find the source factory, you can also find some wholesalers or wholesale marketplace

The above are the three aspects of making money from sharing power bank equipment, including rental income, deposit income and advertising income. For the market, now that 5G mobile phones are updated, mobile phones have a huge impact on our daily life and are highly dependent, so joining a shared power bank can make money. As a shared power bank manufacturer, STW Technology Co., Ltd. is 100% welcome to know the agent.