Do you make money by putting in a shared power bank?

2022-10-14 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

One laying can continue to make profits, which is the charm of shared power banks. When the current 5G mobile phones begin to be upgraded on a large scale, the battery life of mobile phones has not kept up. Most high-end mobile phones need to be charged more than 2 times a day. The shared power bank has brought business opportunities, so is it possible to make money by putting in a shared power bank? Today we will look at such a topic.

There are several reasons for sharing power bank to make money:

1. The cost of shared power bank products is low

Shared charging treasures belong to the products of the sharing industry. Compared with shared bicycles, shared massage chairs, and shared cars, which require high cost and high manpower operation, the product cost of shared charging treasures can be described as very low.

Individuals can operate, no need to stock up

In the early days, shared charging treasures were mainly operated by capital, because there were many technical barriers and high product costs. However, until now, individuals can easily act as agents. Now many shared charging treasures are operated by individuals part-time. Buy 10 units of 20 units, and in your spare time, go to the store and you can get continuous income.

In order to attract more agents, many brand manufacturers now have also lowered the threshold, and they can get good policies without a lot of stockpiling. Agents can invest in the early stage, and use the earned income to recycle the goods in the later stage, so there is no need

Mr. Wang, director of investment promotion for STW shared charging treasures, said that the current market environment for shared charging treasures is very good. The price of an 8-port cabinet is about 900 yuan, and the price of 10 cabinets is less than 10,000 yuan. Three years ago, the price of the same charging treasure cabinet was almost 2,500 yuan. For the current policy to encourage light assets, the stall economy, everyone's entrepreneurship, coupled with fierce brand competition, the cost of shared charging treasures has also dropped a lot, and more people can participate and accelerate the rapid development of the shared charging treasure industry.

2. The price of renting a shared power bank is high

Shared charging treasures are emergency products. The rental price of shared charging treasures placed in some places such as bars, KTVs, and scenic spots is relatively high, reaching about 10 yuan per hour. And some general businesses such as restaurants, beauty salons, milk tea shops, etc., the rental price is generally more than 3 yuan per hour.

Shared charging treasure is no longer the era of 1 yuan per hour. In the current situation of accelerated power consumption of 5G mobile phones, high-frequency rental and high rental fees have greatly improved the profitability of agents, so it is very profitable to put shared charging treasures. .

3. The maintenance cost of shared charging treasure is low

Compared with some other consumer products, the shared power bank mobile phone can be managed. Except for the user who buys out and does not return the treasure, there is basically no need for after-sales service. The maintenance cost is very low, and one person can manage hundreds of devices. .

In addition, the current shared power bank products are perfect, better rental experience and high-quality product guarantee, so that agents can easily make money by laying businesses. .

Shared power bank products are physical products, while mobile phones coexist with them. As long as mobile phones exist in the industry, they can continue to develop. Putting in shared power bank products belongs to pipeline income, with low risk and long-term income, so it is favored by many entrepreneurs.

To sum up, now you can make money by putting in shared power banks, low cost and high rental fees, plus simple maintenance, the maintenance experience that can be managed by mobile phones, so that shared power banks can make quick money and make continuous profits. As a shared power bank manufacturer, STW Technology provides a one-stop shared power bank franchise agency service. 100% of the cooperative equipment can be used for trial use. Welcome to understand.