How to sell the shared portable charger to the store?

2022-10-10 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Now we can see the placement of shared portable chargers in many merchants, and merchants are also willing to accept shared portable chargers, which is convenient for customers and can also earn extra income. As an agent of shared portable chargers, how to put shared portable chargers? To sell into the store? Let's take a look today.

First of all, we need to understand the needs of the store and carry out reasonable equipment placement

Understand the actual needs of the store, such as a small milk tea shop, you can place a desktop shared portable charger device with 6~8 ports. For leisure places such as bars, KTV, foot baths, you can place a shared portable charger advertising machine, so that Appears high-end atmosphere.

Only when the equipment is put in reasonably can the shared portable charger equipment be used to the fullest, which can shorten the return cycle of the agent, and the equipment through the passenger flow can also let the businessman see that you are very professional. This will get you more merchant recommendations.

In addition, for example, if the new store is about to open, discuss the launch of the power bank in advance, and negotiate the cooperation of the power bank before the store opens, so that the first wave of customers can easily scan the code to rent the charging service in time. Only by solving the needs of the merchants can the equipment be stationed.

Secondly, for stores that have already installed shared portable chargers, we can ask to understand the pain points and switch to other brands

For example, some shops are in good business and may have placed three or four brands of shared portable charger devices. In fact, for the boss, they do not want to place so many brands, so it is not convenient to maintain, but multiple brands are placed. Explain that each brand has not satisfied the boss. At this time, we need to understand the needs of the boss, and strive to place our equipment in the most conspicuous position. If possible, we can sign an exclusive placement agreement with the merchant to ensure that resources are not taken away by other brands.

For example, for some small shared portable charger brands, there are few return points nearby, the brand effect is not obvious, and there are many equipment problems. For some big brands such as Street X, the profit distribution is settled monthly, and many merchants are reluctant to place them.

shared portable charger

If you want to use STW equipment to switch other brands of equipment, you can tell the merchant, the advantages of STW brand:

The quality of the power bank is good: the 18650 batteries provided by Yiwei Lithium can be used for power supply, which is not easy to age, has strong power storage and high conversion rate. There will be no rented charging treasures that will run out of power in a while.

Timely profit distribution: Merchant income is settled in seconds and can be withdrawn every day. Withdraw in seconds.

Good rental experience: The charging treasure rental supports Alipay and WeChat double deposit-free, no need to click the return action on the cabinet or mobile phone, and the charging treasure can be directly inserted into the vacant card slot to complete the return automatically. 4G enhanced IoT module, the rental experience is better. it is good.

After passing the above operations, the device enters the store, and you can discuss revenue sharing with the store in the following ways:

1. Direct buyout type, a fixed share is given every month, and there is no need to share the profit to the merchant. For example, some stores are required to buy out the cost every month in order to keep accounts. Such stores require the agent to have sufficient judgment or to evaluate the amount after passing the test data. The buyout type needs to sign an exclusive placement agreement with the merchant, so as to ensure the stability of the merchant and its own income for a long time.

Second, the sharing system. Most merchants adopt this revenue sharing system, and directly give a share of the scan code rental income. General merchants give about 50%, and high-quality merchants give about 60%.

3. Step-by-step sharing, such as negotiating with merchants, giving 50% of the share within half a year, and 60% after half a year, which can well lock the merchant.

The shared portable charger is a project that requires long-term operation. In addition to the reliable brands that need to be cooperated with, it also requires long-term maintenance, timely handling of customer complaints, and continuous optimization of the overall quality of merchants. As a manufacturer of shared portable chargers, STW customers provide a Station shared portable charger agent joining and OEM services, cooperation and profit sharing 100% welcome to inquire.