What are the benefits of using a shared power bank at the airport?

2022-10-08 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

With the increase in the distribution scene of shared power banks, general hotels, entertainment venues, and restaurants have already put in shared power banks. Therefore, some friends consider that they have airport connections and do not know how the airport will benefit from using shared power banks. Let's take a look today.

1. The feasibility of putting shared power banks in airports

There are many potential users: The airport has a unique flow of people resources. Tens of thousands of people enter and leave the airport every day. For the demand for shared power banks, users with mobile phones are all potential customers. Investing can continue to be profitable.

Strong spending power: Anyone who can take an airplane as a means of transportation has a certain economic ability. It only takes a few yuan to rent a shared power bank. For those with spending power, it is a convenient thing to rent a shared power bank without a mobile phone. , the rental rate is high.

Large emergency needs: Many people facing the airport have business travel needs, and mobile phones are one of the important tools for business communication. Most people are anxious about the shortcomings of mobile phones. Most people are willing to rent a shared power bank for emergency charging, so emergency The demand is large, which can be understood as a rigid demand.

2. Analysis of the income of the airport's shared power bank

The airport puts shared charging treasures. We counted 30,000 people. Assuming that the rental rate of the shared charging treasures is 5%, then 1,500 people will rent the shared charging treasures. If the number of passengers per unit is 3 yuan, 4,500 yuan can be generated every day. profit. If the airport share is 60%, then as an agent, you can earn 1,800 yuan a day, 54,000 yuan a month, and a year's profit of 648,000 yuan.

From the data point of view, the demand for shared charging treasures is very large, and in airports, most of them are put on advertising machines for shared charging treasures, and they can also get the benefits of advertising. Through big data, advertising revenue: the rental revenue is 1:9, then the annual rental revenue is 72,000 yuan.

To sum up, an airport conservatively estimates that the annual profit can reach more than 720,000 yuan. Still very good.

3. What are the conditions for launching a shared power bank at the airport?

Some friends will think that since the airport is so profitable to put shared power banks, why don't many people pay attention to this? The reason is that the number of airports in the country is limited. Generally, the introduction of shared charging treasures in airports requires a bidding process. It is relatively troublesome to settle in. For general agents, the required funds are also large. Let's take a look at what conditions are required for the airport to put a shared power bank:

①Economic conditions: Most of the airports need to put on shared charging treasure advertising machines. The price of a 48-port shared charging treasure advertising machine exceeds 10,000 yuan. If 50 sets are put in, the cost of purchasing shared charging treasure equipment will be close to 600,000 yuan.

② Manpower conditions: The airport is an important transportation hub and one of the service places. The shared power bank that is put into it requires timely after-sales service, so it needs special personnel to connect.

③ Bidding conditions: If you want to win a large place such as an airport, you need to prepare a bidding document for the shared power bank brand in advance, make a budget plan, understand the advantages of your own products and the differentiation of competing products, so that you can stand out in the bidding and pull out Get the top spot.

The above is some relevant information about the shared power bank in the airport, I hope it can be helpful to you. As a shared power bank manufacturer, STW provides shared power bank franchise agents and OEM customization services, and 100% of the profits from cooperation are settled in seconds.