Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Power Bank Franchise Agents

2022-09-29 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Shared power bank is a convenient and fast emergency charging product. Now, most shops will take the initiative to apply for the launch of shared power bank. What are the advantages and disadvantages of sharing power bank as an agent for agents? Let's take a look today.

The advantages of sharing the power bank franchise agent

1. Mature technology and easy maintenance

The shared power bank relies on the technology of the Internet of Things + mobile Internet. From the product itself, there have been many iterations of product appearance in five or six years, and the technology update has iterated for many generations.

Judging from the current situation, the technical barriers of shared power banks have been broken through. It is very easy for personal agents to share power banks to manage about 200 devices, and there will not be too many after-sales customer complaints.

The mature product technology can also improve the rental experience of shared power banks for users. Merchants will also take the initiative to apply for shared charging treasure equipment to display.

Second, the rental cost is high and the profit is large:

Recently, the information on the price increase of shared charging treasures has been frequently searched. In some general places, the rental price of shared charging treasures is more than 4 yuan per hour, while for some high-end entertainment places, scenic spots and other shared charging treasures, the rental price is as high as 10 yuan per hour. above.

From the point of view of the agent, the high price of the shared power bank increases the profit margin and shortens the return time. For example, the price of an 8-port shared power bank cabinet is about 900 yuan, and the B-type merchants are launched in first-tier cities, and the payback period is about 3 months. In today's recession in the real economy, shared charging treasures are already a very profitable product.

3. High demand and repeated rental:

If you are allowed to run a physical store, you will need various expenses, rent, utilities, labor and material costs, etc., and the operation and maintenance costs are very high. The shared power bank is different. If the mobile phone is out of power, you must rent the shared power bank. Under such rigid conditions, the shared power bank is repeatedly rented and does not require replenishment. Many people are optimistic about the sharing industry.

For the market, the service life of a shared power bank cabinet is more than 3 years, and the profit time of a shared power bank that can be rented repeatedly is more than 2 years. For entrepreneurs, this is a product that can be done once and for all.

Disadvantages of sharing the power bank to join the agent

The disadvantage of joining the agency of shared charging treasure is that it is difficult to find merchants in the early stage. For friends from across industries, it is a problem for many merchants to have a shared charging treasure. How to cut in is a problem, lack of professional knowledge, great competition, and lack of market development skills. Obstacles to the distribution of goods by agents of shared charging treasures.

Therefore, for the disadvantages of shared power banks, we can choose shared power bank brands with high profit sharing, better product reputation and better appearance for cooperation. Don’t take too much goods at one time in the early stage, and then conduct large-scale operations after a small amount of testing, so that we can proceed step by step. Better control of entrepreneurial risks.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the shared power bank franchise agent. If you also have ideas about the shared power bank industry, welcome to join us. ST is a shared power bank manufacturer and has been rated as one of the top ten brands of shared power banks for three consecutive years. Cooperation Fenren 100% equipment can be cooperated with as little as 1 set. Welcome to inquire and come to the company for on-the-spot inspection and negotiation.