Shared power bank joined manufacturers cooperation plan

2022-09-28 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Now the shared power bank entrepreneurial project is very popular, and many friends want to participate. As the source manufacturer of shared power bank, STW can provide various cooperation plans for shared power bank franchise manufacturers. Today we will explain these three cooperation methods:

1. Personal agent: directly purchase equipment to become an agent, and share 100% of the profit

STW is a shared charging treasure company with specialized agents. It is very simple to become an agent. Whether it is an individual or an enterprise, you only need to pay the payment for the purchase of equipment to become a shared charging treasure agent. After purchasing the equipment, there will be an independent agent. 100% of the cooperative profit distribution belongs to the agent. Subsequent agents only need to share with the merchant, and the company does not take a share of the user's rental order.

Each device has a unique serial number. After the device is purchased, the corresponding serial number will be sent to the agent's backend. You can set the price and set the merchant's share ratio. In addition, you can view the rental order and view the shared power bank in real time. You can check the online and offline status of the cabinets, check the merchant's income, etc.

2. Merchant cooperation: free delivery or self-purchased equipment, complete models

Shared charging treasures need to cooperate with merchants, and users can rent them to generate revenue. STW provides two merchant cooperation solutions:

①Free delivery

Merchants provide a venue for shared charging treasures, and agents provide shared charging treasure equipment for cooperation, which will give the merchants a certain percentage of the share. In this way, cooperative merchants can make money without paying any money. It is the main way of sharing power bank cooperation at present.

② Self-purchased equipment

Merchants can contact STW headquarters to purchase a device and become an agent. The purchased device can get 100% of the user rental income, and can also set the charging unit price and set the list of free rental members, etc. This method is suitable for their own stores, and the return time for the merchants to purchase the equipment themselves is about 1 month.

3. OEM: Customized development of software system, OEM of hardware production

If you have your own team or resources, for example, if you have made a certain shared power bank before, you have already distributed a lot of goods, and you want to set up a brand to operate, or you have a large number of merchant resources, and you want to set up a shared power bank. If the resources are quickly realized, then you can find STW to be the OEM of the shared power bank, that is, the custom development of the shared power bank software and the production OEM of the hardware.

The establishment of a shared power bank brand can carry out independent national investment cooperation, and quickly distribute goods through the development of a distribution model.

The above are the three cooperation plans for shared power banks to join manufacturers provided by STW. If you are also optimistic about shared power banks, welcome to consult and cooperate. As a shared power bank manufacturer, STW provides shared power bank franchise agents and OEM customization services. The cooperation is divided into 100%. Welcome to consult and come to the company for on-the-spot investigation and negotiation.