How can shared power bank agents make more money?

2022-08-30 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Some friends choose shared power bank investment, but found that after the equipment is spread out, the income is not as good as expected. Compared with some seniors who have been doing shared power bank for a long time, their income is much less. In addition to professional knowledge, skills It is also very important. Today, let's take a look at how shared power bank agents can make more money?

1. Seize the peak period of holidays and rent the peak period

The main use condition of shared power bank is to go out for emergency charging, so going out is a prerequisite, such as May 1st, 11th Golden Week, around the Spring Festival, or some promotional days, such as double 12 offline promotion, shopping mall anniversary activities, etc., There are also Saturdays and Sundays, when the traffic is several times the usual.

According to the big data of STW's main back office, the rental income of shared power bank on weekends is 1.6 times that of normal, while the rental income of charging treasure is 2.7 times that of normal on May 1st and 11th Golden Week, which is even more exaggerated before and after the Spring Festival. The rental price is higher than usual, and the maximum income is 4 times the usual.

2. Comparing competing products, the price should be set reasonably

The shared power bank is placed in the business district, and the price varies according to the situation of the shop. For example, the same shopping plaza has different rental prices for the same brand. For example, in entertainment venues, the average rental price of chain restaurants is higher than that of some milk tea. Shop, barbershop to be higher.

In the same business district, the rental prices of different brands are generally not recommended for malicious competition. For example, other brands set 1.5 yuan for half an hour. If you directly set 1 yuan for half an hour, the rental rate may increase in a short period of time. But wait until other brands find out that if it is reduced to 1.5 yuan per hour, do you want to reduce the price? So don't compete with lower profits.

shared power bank

And now some shops will put multiple brands of shared power bank equipment. For the price, it is best for everyone to live together peacefully. For example, if others set 3 yuan for 1 hour, you can set it at 1.5 yuan for half an hour, so the price is close, but Users will choose the latter more.

3. Constantly look for high-quality merchants to put in, and remove merchants with low rental rates

For agents, the shared power bank firstly lays out some merchants that they know, the other is merchants or merchants recommended by friends, and finally Mobai goes to find merchants.

Therefore, when the shared power bank is obtained, the first thing to do is to spread it out, so that the power bank can be circulated as soon as possible to generate income, and the second is to observe the backstage of the agent to find out the merchants that are normally online but have a low rental rate, and remove the machine.

Keep looking for high-quality merchants, and spread the removed machines to high-quality merchants. In the long run, the last remaining ones will be good merchants.

Fourth, timely after-sales service

If the machines that are laid out are not sold in time, the final result may only be that the merchants request to remove the equipment, so smart agents will write the after-sales contact information on their power bank cabinets, so that whether it is a merchant or a guest, all You can contact and deal with after-sales in time.

To sum up, shared power bank is a long-term development project, which requires continuous learning of professional knowledge, the advantages of one's own products, and the disadvantages of competing products. As a shared power bank manufacturer, STW supports agent joining and OEM policies, with 100% profit sharing. Welcome to understand and come to the company for inspection and negotiation.