Power bank rental machine agency franchise project

2022-08-29 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Many people are thinking that the shared portable charger has been developed for many years. Is it too late to enter the market now? In fact, it is not. Now is a good time for shared portable charger to make money. Today we will take a look at the shared charging project with light assets and high return.

1. The shared portable charger rental machine business that can be involved in light assets

The shared portable charger started to rise in 2014, and the early shared portable charger made difficult progress and developed slowly.

For example, renting a shared portable charger requires a deposit, and users worry that the deposit will not be refunded. It is easy to rent and difficult to return, and there is no place to return it in another place. Product use problems occur frequently, and there are many cases of arbitrary deductions. Moreover, the user's consumption habits have not been developed, and they do not understand the behavior of paying for charging. In addition, it was the 4G era at that time, and the battery life of many mobile phones could reach 2 days.

In the early days, the threshold for the agency of shared portable chargers was relatively high, and it was an era when capital was burned to make the market. If you want to represent a brand of shared portable chargers, the capital needed to start is in millions. In the era of 1 yuan and 1 hour, you can pay back the cost within 1 year. All are already good.

By 2021, according to big data statistics, the number of 5G users has reached 300 million, and the battery life of mobile phones is mostly 1~3 times a day. If you go out, you often need to rent a shared portable charger, plus the rental method of credit sharing and no deposit , the convenient experience of scanning the code to jump to the applet without downloading the APP, all give the shared portable charger a great opportunity.

Now the technical barriers of shared portable chargers have basically been broken through, and the products are developing towards innovation and user experience.

Take STW shared portable charger as an example, if users want to try it in the early stage, they can cooperate with as little as one, and the profit sharing can reach 100%, which is also a manifestation of brand confidence. Willing to let agents try product performance and test market benefits.

shared portable charger

2. High-yield returns and well-maintained product profit mechanisms make the prospect of charging treasure rental machine agents bright

The investment director of STW Technology said that the current rate of return of the shared portable charger is a visible benefit. For example, the cost of a STW8 port machine is about 900 yuan, and the current rental of a shared portable charger is about 3 yuan. The 8-port computer conservatively calculates that each power bank is only rented once, and the merchant’s share ratio is 50%, then the agent’s daily profit is 3*8*50%=12 yuan, and the monthly income is 360 yuan, excluding the maintenance cost calculation, 3 months can also pay back.

The shared portable charger rental machine agent can pay back the cost in three months, and the income in one year is 300%, and all the income is accumulated by the income of three yuan and five yuan, and there is no other risk.

In addition, the power bank is a leased product, not a one-time consumer product. The agent does not need to replenish the goods. As long as it is placed in the merchant, the profit earned by the user scanning the code can be divided into the merchant. The model of repeated rental and continuous profit also allows the shared portable charger Favored and more convenient to maintain. Even if it is an individual, if you buy one or two hundred pieces of equipment, you can easily maintain it, and you can use it as a side business.

To sum up, the franchise of the shared portable charger rental machine is a light-asset, high-return shared charging project that caters to the 5G era. As long as the mobile phone exists, you will need to pay to rent a shared portable charger when you go out, which is a real entity project. As a shared portable charger manufacturer, STW Technology provides one-stop shared portable charger agency and OEM brand customization services. The cooperation and profit sharing are 100% welcome to understand and visit the company.