What kind of advantages does shared power bank OEM have?

2022-08-30 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Some time ago, an agent told me that he had built 300 STW shared power bank equipment, and he felt that the market was OK. With the recent expansion of the team, he wanted to create his own brand of shared power bank. He asked if we could do it. , I said of course, but he is not very clear about the benefits of OEM, so today we will briefly talk about the advantages of shared power bank OEM?

1. First of all, with independent management authority, you can get the overall revenue share

Shared power bank OEM has a total of four systems, including the general backend, the agent backend, the merchant backend and the client applet, of which the general backend has the greatest authority.

OEM agents can manage all the equipment under their own brands through the general back office. In addition, for example, recruiting agents to give agents 90% of the share, they can get 10% of the overall rental income, and the income is considerable.

There are also many other benefits, such as selling equipment to earn price difference, losing power bank to earn commission, merchants or agents withdrawing cash to earn cash withdrawal fees, etc.

shared power bank

Second, build your own brand value extension

For example, STW has a cabinet of the Agricultural Bank of China. The QR code of the program, scan the code through WeChat or Alipay, and pay the normal rental fee. On the right is the download QR code of the ABC Mobile Banking. Users can use the ABC Mobile Banking APP to scan the code to rent the power bank, which can be used for 24 hours free of charge.

In this way, while promoting the brand value and promoting the APP, it also provides a good user experience.

There is also a type of equipment such as customized machines. We take the vertical multimedia advertising machine cooperated by Shenzhen Red Cross and STW as an example. The advertising machine has a promotional screen and LCD screen above it, and the left side is the AED automatic external defibrillator equipment. , the right side is a 14-port STW shared power bank cabinet, public welfare products plus power bank rental products, this device can not only provide emergency rescue equipment, but also provide power bank rental services.

From the above cases, if you are an enterprise, you already have your own brand, and you want to develop the power bank business, you might as well extend the shared power bank products. While promoting your products, you only need to add a new one to your APP. The button entrance of [scan code to rent a power bank] is enough. For example, Meituan is one of the cases.

Of course, there are many advantages for shared power bank OEMs to be their own brands. For example, they can quickly create brand effects in small cities, and realize closed-loop self-owned power bank services in certain business districts. In the future, shared power bank will bring more Commercial empowerment goes beyond charging services. As a shared power bank manufacturer, STW Technology provides one-stop shared power bank agent joining and OEM services, and 100% of the cooperation profit is 0% at the headquarters. Welcome to inquire and come to the company for on-site inspection and negotiation.