Shared portable charger models support OEM customization

2022-08-29 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

With the popularization of the mobile Internet, mobile phones are more important to our life. Whether it is life, entertainment, work, or social interaction, mobile phones occupy a very important part. The shared portable charger, which is used as an emergency charging for mobile phones when going out, is also rising, and the market prospect is bright. , STW Technology, as a shared portable charger manufacturer, provides shared portable charger franchise cooperation services, there are a variety of models to choose from, and provides agent franchise and OEM customization services.

STW shared portable charger joining and cooperation is very simple, just buy the equipment directly as an agent, the agent can get 100% of the profit, the income will be credited to the account in real time, the mobile APP background is managed, and the withdrawal is also available in seconds. The main specifications are as follows:

1. Desktop shared portable charger rental machine to join cooperation

The desktop shared portable charger is mainly placed on the front desk. The model is small and does not occupy a lot of space. The main specifications include STW 3 ports, 7 ports, and 8 ports shared portable charger rental machines. There are also 12 ports and 16 ports. Shared portable charger stacking type cabinet. 10 devices can be joined. Some product pictures are as follows:

shared portable charger rental

2. Floor-standing shared portable charger rental machine showcase to join cooperation

The floor-type shared portable charger cabinet is mainly divided into a display rack-type power bank cabinet and a light box power bank cabinet. Businesses that need to place more than 12 models. The floor-standing shared portable charger can be placed at the entrance of the merchant or at the door. It can provide a 24-hour power bank rental service. One device can be joined. Some product pictures are as follows:

3. Multimedia LED shared portable charger advertising machine to join cooperation

Multimedia shared portable charger advertising machine can play advertisements by itself. It is suitable for some large-scale merchants, such as shopping malls, stations, bars, KTV, star hotels, etc. The charging treasure looks good and can be joined as low as one. Some product pictures are as follows:

The models of shared portable chargers are now developing in the direction of innovation and diversification. STW Technology provides a one-stop service for shared portable charger joining and cooperation, supports agent joining and OEM customization, and can cooperate with as little as one device. 100% of the profit will be settled in seconds, and a penalty of 10,000 will be charged if the data is true or false. Welcome to know the agency.