Do power bank rentals make money in small cities?

2022-08-26 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Some people like to work hard in big cities, and some people want to go back to their hometowns for development. At this time, some people think of power bank rental. Today, it is very popular in big cities. With the increasing importance of mobile phones to our lives, if we go back Is it feasible to develop power bank rental in the counties of the fifth and sixth lines? Do power bank rentals make money in small cities? With these questions, let's take a look today.

You can make money doing power bank rental in small cities for the following reasons:

1. A replicable sharing economy industry, power bank rental has achieved success in frontier cities

Many profitable projects are first developed in big cities, and then slowly introduced into towns. This is because successful projects can be replicated. And because of the particularity of power bank rental products, as long as there are people, there will be mobile phones, and where there are mobile phones, there will be demand for power bank rental, so power bank rental can also be developed in townships.

At present, although the price of power bank rental has increased in big cities, the proportion of profit required by merchants has increased. Many high-quality merchants, such as entertainment venues, leisure clubs, large shopping centers, etc., require entry fees for long-term cooperation. About 60%, which has squeezed the interests of many agents. The investment cost of agents has increased, and the payback period has also been elongated.

In a small city doing power bank rental, the business district is concentrated, and most of the merchants are divided into about 40%. Although the rental rate is not as high as in the big city, there are not so many brands to compete, and it will be better to talk to the merchants. , asset-light can intervene, and the payback period is similar to that of first- and second-tier cities.

2. Doing power bank rental in the town can be used as a side business to develop and make money

In the early days, power bank rental was occupied by directly-operated brands (such as Jiedian, Monster, Meituan, Xiaodian, and Diandian), while direct-operating brands such as Jiedian, Monster, and Xiaodian were mainly developing in first- and second-tier cities. For some high-quality A-class merchants, they have signed a merchant agreement. For those who do not have resources, doing power bank rental in first- and second-tier cities requires relatively strong sales capabilities and a sufficient understanding of their own products to develop. .

In the fifth- and sixth-tier towns as power bank rentals, the competition from directly-operated brands is weak, because the same BD must be better managed in the city, which is also the disadvantage of directly-operated brands. At present, for some large and medium-sized power bank rental brands, For example, STW, although it developed late, is friendly to agents. If you buy 10 units, you can become an agent, and the profit share is as high as 100%. You can try to develop in the early stage and gradually distribute goods. This is incomparable to some brands that rely on capital development. After all, some other brands can't do 100% of the share. Those will have capital, brand operators, regional operators and BD, as well as salesmen and wages, so at least Will extract about 10% of the profits to maintain. Therefore, now using non-direct brands to enter the market, the threshold is low, the income is fast, and the township brand effect is not high, so that the cost can be recovered faster and profitable.

To sum up, you can make money by doing power bank rental in the town, and the market environment is very good. If you also want to do power bank rental, you can choose STW, STW Technology as a power bank rental manufacturer, providing one-stop power bank rental franchise Agent and OEM OEM service, 100% profit sharing, welcome to consult and negotiate with the company.