Where to put rental power bank to make more money?

2022-08-25 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The same business is done to different people, and the results are different. This is because everyone has different industry expertise and different marketing thinking. If you want to do a good job in rental power bank, after you have certain professional knowledge, It is also necessary to know where the rental power bank is placed to make more money. According to the big data statistics in the background of STW rental power bank, we have concluded that the merchants with the following four elements have a very good profit effect.

1. High exposure places

That is, places with large passenger flow, such as transportation hubs: airports, railway stations, high-speed railway stations, bus passenger stations, etc.

2. High consumption places

Places with higher consumption levels, such as entertainment places: bars, KTV, water clubs, nightclubs, theme taverns, etc.

3. High durability places

Places where customers stay for a long time, such as the catering industry: hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants, milk tea shops, coffee shops, etc.

4. Places for emergency needs

Customers have a large demand for shared charging, such as scenic spots, hospitals, government halls, training institutions, etc.

For merchant development, we give priority to the contacts we know to expand, spread out all the purchased power bank equipment, and then make appropriate price adjustments, merchant product configuration, etc., according to the income situation in the background, and constantly eliminate low-income ones. Merchants, pull up the average level of their own merchants, so as to continue to develop and make profits.

STW Technology provides a one-stop rental power bank agent franchise service, and teaches you how to develop merchants. The headquarters will give 100% of the share to the agent, and 10 units can be agents. The light asset returns quickly. Welcome to consult and come to the company for on-the-spot inspection and negotiation.