Analysis of profit model of shared power bank

2022-08-23 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The development of shared power bank started in 2014. In fact, it was earlier than the rise of shared bicycles. However, the market of shared power bank was flat in the early years, so why is shared power bank able to make money now? Today we will take a look at the analysis of the profit model of shared power bank.

1. The development of consumption habits from free to paid

The early shared power bank was developed in the 4G era. At that time, it was common to charge mobile phones once every two days. Most of us were still in the 4G era of text and pictures, so the demand for shared power banks was not high.

Shared power banks have appeared in some big cities, most of which are free to use for half an hour, or at an ultra-low price per hour for 1 hour, mainly to cultivate people's habit of paying for renting power banks.

In the current 5G era, faster mobile phones, more live broadcast platforms for short videos, etc., and the traffic costs of various operators are also reduced, so there are many heavy users of mobile phones. For most people, mobile phones without electricity It's a nightmare, and with the advent of 5G, the price of shared power bank has risen to 3 to 5 yuan per hour, and even some scenic spots have a price of 10 yuan per hour. This is one of the profit models of shared power bank. The behavior of paid consumption stimulated by market demand.

2. The change of market demand from tasteless to just-needed

There was a bet between Wang Sicong and Chen Ou in the shared power bank. Sicong thought that if the shared power bank could be a success for him, five years later, the shared power bank is all over the Wanda Plaza merchants, which also proves the success of the shared power bank in disguise. Counterattack, the transition from tasteless products to just-needed products.

shared power bank

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives from an early communication tool to a current entertainment, leisure, social, and business tool, and businesses equipped with shared power bank equipment have also become standard, so the market demand makes shared power banks. Profits become reality.

3. Multi-frequency small-amount leasing, continuous profit-making model

Facts have proved that most people can readily accept small payment services, such as take-out fees, express delivery fees, etc., a few dollars can facilitate our lives, and for mobile phone charging, shared power bank is also a small amount. One of the paid products. There is no substitute for the paid charging service provided. Because everyone has a mobile phone, and going out to charge only rents a shared power bank. This is the money-making opportunity brought by micropayments.

shared power bank

To sum up, shared power bank is a shared product that meets market demand, and high-frequency and small-amount charging services are also promising. As long as mobile phones exist, the shared power bank industry can continue to operate. As a shared power bank manufacturer, STW Technology provides a one-stop shared power bank agency franchise service. 100% of the cooperative profit sharing equipment can be agency as low as 10 units. Welcome to inquire and come to the company for on-the-spot inspection and negotiation.