How to deal with the shared portable charger in the hotel?

2022-08-20 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Some friends who run restaurants see that other stores have shared portable chargers, and they want to get one to provide emergency charging services for their guests, and they can also make some money, so how to deal with the shared portable charger in the hotel? ? Let's take a look today.

There are two ways to put shared portable chargers in hotels. The first is for free, and the second is for self-purchased devices.

Free shared portable charger and let the agent give a certain percentage of the share

1. Launch by contacting local agents

①By checking the nearby merchants with shared portable chargers, consult the contact information of the agent who put the portable charger in the boss, and let the agent put the equipment in the form of referral.

②Leave a message on the official website of the shared portable charger or the public account, tell the willingness to install the shared portable charger, and ask the headquarters to contact the nearest agent for delivery.

2. Sign the business agreement

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of merchants, it is recommended to sign a shared portable charger delivery agreement with the agent, so that you can negotiate a higher proportion of the share with the agent to protect the rights and interests of the agent. .

3. Add the contact information of after-sales service personnel

As an electronic product, the shared portable charger will definitely have some after-sales use problems in the future. Add the contact information such as WeChat and telephone of the after-sales staff of the store's charging treasure service to facilitate subsequent maintenance.

shared portable charger

Self-purchased equipment, get 100% of the share, and become an agent to manage the equipment yourself

Handling of special cases: What should I do if the hotel is in a remote location, or there is no nearby charging treasure agent?

There is a demand in the store itself, but due to the remote location of the hotel, or the general business of the store, the agent is unwilling to put it in, or can not find a nearby power bank agent, then the agent can choose to purchase a STW shared portable charger by itself. For use in your own store, the return period is expected to be within one month.

The advantages of self-purchasing equipment are: you can set up members to use our shared portable charger for free, you can adjust the rental price, you can see the income of each order in real time, and you can contact the headquarters to deal with after-sales problems in time.

To sum up, if a hotel wants to use a shared portable charger, it can find a charging treasure agent to apply for it for free, or buy the equipment by itself. STW Technology, as a manufacturer of shared portable chargers, if you also need to apply for or purchase shared portable chargers, please leave a message and we will give you the best solution.