How much is a 8-slot shared power bank?

2022-08-22 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

At present, most of the mainstream shared power bank devices on the market are models with 6 to 8 ports. Such models are more popular and are called general shared power bank models. They do not choose merchants and can meet the general small and medium-sized merchants. So how much is a 8-port shared power bank? Let's take a look today.

1. Different brands have different prices

Different shared power bank brands have different prices due to product popularity and market share, and each brand has different agency policies and discounts at different times, so I want to choose a suitable 8-port shared power bank. For power bank equipment, you need to choose a brand that suits you first.

In addition, some brands have their own production factories, and they will grasp the price advantage and quality control very well, but the price of the goods may not necessarily be cheap.

However, for some OEM brands, the main source of profit is to reduce the material of the product, and the final transportation cost and OEM cost will make the customer pay.

At present, the price of an 8-port machine is reasonable at around 900 yuan.

2. Different profit sharing ratios and different prices

Now most brands will charge 5% to 20% system service fee, the agent's profit sharing is between 80% and 95%, and the price of the 8-port machine is about 850 yuan.

There are also some brands such as STW, the agent's profit is 100% of the headquarters, and the price of the 8-port machine is between 850 yuan and 999 yuan.

From a long-term perspective, I believe that wise agents and friends will choose brands with 100% profit sharing, because the higher the share of their own, the greater the profit, and the more confident they are when talking about merchants. More high-quality resources are also available.

Three, the quantity of the goods is different and the price is different

This is easier to understand. It means that the more you get, the more favorable the price. After all, the price of 10 units is definitely different from the price of 1,000 units.

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