Drone battery life - STW battery powered generator

2022-05-16 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

According to online surveys, most of the multi-rotor drones on the market, including DJI drones, use lithium batteries as energy sources. Because lithium batteries are easy to purchase and the technology is mature, but due to individual differences, the batteries cannot achieve 100% balanced charge and discharge, and the charging time of high-power batteries is relatively long, which is more troublesome to use. The most troublesome is its battery life. A 300-gram lithium battery can theoretically only allow a 500-gram drone to fly for 17 minutes. Even taking into account technical differences and factors such as body weight, the battery life of most products All within 45 minutes, while a single charge takes more than an hour.

battery powered generator
Therefore, how to improve the battery life of drones to meet the needs of the consumer and even industrial markets has become a challenge that all drone products must face. At this time, the high power, large capacity, easy portability, fast charging and other product characteristics of STW battery powered generator have played a great role in the battery life of the drone.

The STW battery powered generator is very suitable for taking it outdoors to power UAVs in terms of functionality and portability. It can carry electrical equipment within 1000W, which is equivalent to having a battery in the outdoors. There is a small mobile "power supply station" with a power of 1 kWh, with a built-in large battery capacity of 1075Wh, and the battery life is greatly improved. Built-in 220V AC output, 12V DC output, 18W USB-A fast charge output and 60W USB-C fast charge output, a variety of output methods, compatible with more than 80% of electrical equipment.

The STW battery powered generator supports three charging methods, namely: mains charging, car charging, and solar photovoltaic panel charging. It helps you to charge the battery whenever and wherever you want when you are away from the mains, making it more convenient and efficient for the battery The powered generator itself is charged for use.