How to improve drone battery life - STW battery powered generator

2022-05-16 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

In the past, people could not imagine what it would be like to own a mobile phone, a car, or an airplane, but now these things have been thoroughly integrated into our life and work, bringing us a lot of convenience. In addition to this, many new technologies have been developed, and drones are one of them.

UAV is a systematic project, the battery is still a short board, and the lack of UAV endurance has also become a major pain point restricting the advancement of the UAV industry. The smaller and lighter the drone, the shorter its battery life. Common drones generally have a battery life of only ten minutes, and the longest time will not exceed 45 minutes. So in the absence of mains power, we Is it better to bring a few extra batteries or choose a battery powered generator?

STW battery powered generator

The editor suggested that it is best to bring a battery powered generator. Take this STW battery powered generator as an example. Let me tell you my opinion.

First of all, because this STW battery powered generator has a large battery capacity of 1380Wh, only a fully charged can charge the drone more than 20 times. Compared with taking a bunch of batteries to go out, a STW battery powered The generator can get it more convenient. Not only that, STW battery powered generator can not only power the drone, but also power other devices, such as tablet computers, electric fans, car refrigerators, rice cookers, electric cookers, etc., as long as it is in the 1500W power range All equipment can be used.

Secondly, the has also been greatly improved in terms of output. The 5V USB interface has become the current 18W USB-A fast charging port and PD 60W fast charging port. The charging speed has more than doubled, and the drone can work outdoors. Efficiency has also been effectively improved.