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Because they love outdoor life and enjoy camping fun, more and more people choose to travel by car. There is no way to find the power supply when you are out for a long time. The problem of insufficient power of various electronic products when you go out has become a problem for everyone. If you prepare a battery generator for camping, you can greatly solve the problem of outdoor power consumption. So is it necessary to buy battery generator for camping? How big is the battery generator for camping? Let's take a look below.

Is it necessary to buy battery generator for camping

If you often go out for camping, self-driving tours or some outdoor activities, you can consider buying a battery generator for camping. If you only go out once in a while, then there is no need to buy one, just rent one.

Application scenarios of battery generator for camping

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1. Self-driving camping

During long-distance self-driving or outdoor camping, the battery generator for camping can supply power to life and entertainment equipment such as rice cookers, electric kettles, ovens, electric blankets, projectors, lights, laptops, etc., to improve the quality of outdoor life.

2. Aerial photography

When going out for photography or making video programs, the battery generator for camping can supply power to SLR cameras, drones, PTZs, outdoor shooting lights, video lights, and other photographic equipment to ensure outdoor shooting. In addition, the large-capacity battery generator for camping solves the problems of short battery life and difficult charging when the UAV is operating in the field, provides continuous power for the UAV, and improves the outdoor operation efficiency of the UAV.

3. Mobile office

The battery generator for camping can supply power to laptops, tablet computers, mobile phones, printers, conference projectors and other equipment, and provide stable power support for outdoor mobile office.

4. Rescue and rescue

In the event of a sudden fire or natural disaster, the reliability and safety of the power grid output are damaged. The battery generator for camping can provide continuous, reliable and safe power for fire-fighting electrical equipment during a fire; The ventilator, temperature measuring door, and emergency lighting provide electrical support.

5. Surveying and mapping maintenance

The battery generator for camping can provide power support for measuring instruments required for outdoor operations such as environmental monitoring and geological surveys; the large-capacity and high-power battery generator for camping can be used for outdoor operations such as road maintenance, power maintenance, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry. Power supply for instruments and electrical equipment.

6. Emergency backup power

When encountering planned maintenance or sudden power failure, battery generator for camping can provide emergency solutions, such as providing power for lighting, powering computers, mobile digital products, and powering rice cookers, kettles, refrigerators and other living equipment.

7. Military communication

The large-capacity, high-power, portable battery generator for camping can adapt to various harsh working environments, and is widely used in communication, aviation, aerospace, military, railway, electric power, industrial control such as satellite positioning, GPS navigation and other fields.

battery generator for camping

How big is the battery generator for camping?

1. Outdoor short-term digital applications, mobile phones, tablets, cameras, notebooks and other outdoor office photography groups, low power 300-500w, power 80000-130000mAh (300-500wh) products can be satisfied.

2. Long-term outdoor travel, boil some water, cook a meal, a lot of digital, night lighting, audio needs, the recommended power is 500-1000, and the power is 130000-300000mAh (500-1000wh) products can meet the needs.

3. Home power failure emergency, lighting, mobile phone digital, notebook, 300W-1000w can be used, depending on the actual needs.

4. For outdoor operations and simple construction operations without mains power, it is recommended that more than 1000w and more than 270000mah (1000wh) can meet the needs of general low-power operations.

Disadvantages of battery generator for camping

1. There are three reasons for the hidden danger of charging safety: B-product battery + battery protection function is not perfect and no fault-tolerant technology + no fault-tolerant technology for charging management. Please choose regular products from regular channels and stay away from low-priced and inferior products.

2. It is bulky and not easy to carry. Some brands have introduced high-frequency resonance technology, which can effectively reduce the volume by 30%-50%.

3. The shell is fragile, the use of engineering plastics, collision, and falling are fragile, and many miscellaneous brands and some big brands also have this problem.

4. The heat generation is large and the inverter efficiency is low. Then, the engineering plastic casing is used, and the heat dissipation is poor. A large number of cooling holes have to be opened to increase the heat dissipation of the fan. The noise is large, and the dust and water vapor corrode the internal circuit of the product, causing potential safety hazards and reducing product life.

5. Low cost performance, some big brands have large advertising investment and high operating costs, resulting in high price and low energy, costing several thousand yuan, but the electricity and power are not enough, brand selection can choose medium brands, the cost performance is relatively high.

6. The parameters are falsely marked or chaotically matched. Some products have false battery standards, which are mostly seen in low-priced and inferior products. Some products are eye-catching, and they have launched products with high power but very small capacity, which are sold as high-end products. batteries, reducing costs.