Battery generators review

2022-05-13 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

My wife and I are both people who can't stay at home. As long as everyone has a holiday on weekends, we would like to go out as a family to play together. Whether it's a short trip, or finding a quiet place for a picnic, it can make us feel better. Since everyone in my family loves outdoor activities, I also had the idea of ​​starting a rechargeable generator. When choosing a rechargeable generator, I also deliberately compared multiple brands, and finally decided to start with STW rechargeable generator. After I got this rechargeable generator, I also conducted a comprehensive evaluation of it for the first time, and found that it was indeed the right one for me.

The first moment I received the product, I was attracted by its grand outer packaging. The shape of the front product gave people a high-end atmosphere, and the STW logo in the upper left corner was also very recognizable. The bottom part fully describes the advantages and characteristics of this rechargeable generator, making it clear at a glance.

Can't wait to open the package, the main body of the rechargeable generator is wrapped in foam on both sides, which can effectively avoid bumps and bumps during transportation. Accessories are packaged in separate storage boxes. Very attentive.

In addition to the main body of the rechargeable generator, it is also equipped with manuals, warranty cards, AC cables suffixed with "pin", adapters, car charging cables, and car chargers, which are convenient for users to use later.

Focusing on the protagonist of today, this STW rechargeable generator, the overall dark gray appearance looks high-end and high-tech, and the front STW logo is embellished, which is very recognizable and very in line with the aesthetics of young users. In terms of material selection, the shell is made of fire-resistant and flame-retardant PC material and ABS material. The aluminum alloy shell with honeycomb holes can bring more excellent heat dissipation effect. Combined with excellent fireproof and anti-leakage characteristics, it makes the process of outdoor camping use easier. safety has been further guaranteed.

In terms of interface design, it is also very rich. It is accompanied by 3 USB output interfaces, Type-C interface, DC output interface, dual AC output interface, and independent power switch. There is also an LCD digital display screen on the top, and the power status and current of the power supply can be easily seen at a glance.

Battery generators review

And on the other side of the power supply, this features a torch for easy use during nighttime activities. Long press to start one-button lighting, and the intimate SOS distress signal light makes your outdoor camping more secure.

On the top of the power supply, there is a handle grip designed with the principle of mechanical balance. It is thick and has a non-slip effect. It will not slide and shake during carrying, making it more convenient and worry-free to carry. The details show the brand's ingenuity.

156000mAh large capacity, plenty of power

The first thing I look at when choosing a rechargeable generator is its capacity. If it is the kind of rechargeable generator that has a relatively small capacity and often needs to be charged, then I will definitely not start it. The STW rechargeable generator caught my attention because of its larger capacity. I took a closer look, and the STW rechargeable generator has a capacity of 156,000mAh. It has built-in 6 series of 10-parallel batteries. It has a powerful module and strong attack ability, which can add a strong guarantee for outdoor life. Compared with those ordinary rechargeable generators, the battery life of this rechargeable generator is obviously more powerful, so of course I have to try it.

PD fast charging, great experience

We really enjoy the process of cooking in the natural world, so we often go out for picnics as a family. I need to use some large-scale electrical appliances during a picnic, so I am also very concerned about the charging ability of this rechargeable generator. When I went out to play, I made a special observation and found that the STW rechargeable generator also has an amazing advantage in charging speed.

It is fast and good to use it to charge laptops, mobile gaming devices, etc., and it is also very stable to use it to power home appliances. This is all thanks to the Type-c interface accompanied by the STW rechargeable generator. It supports PD60W fast charging. Whether it is charging an Apple Android phone or charging a laptop, it can be easily controlled, sweeping away the power shortage and saying goodbye to waiting for charging.

Feature-rich and widely used

Thanks to the rich expansion interface accompanied by the rechargeable generator, in the process of outdoor camping, it covers almost all the small electrical appliances you want to use. Items such as electric fans, electric blankets, rice cookers, etc. At the same time, it can also directly provide a steady stream of power for batteries such as SLR cameras and drones, making it more enjoyable for you to use.

Strict requirements, safety guaranteed

I have seen a sudden explosion of a rechargeable generator before, which made me very worried, and put safety issues first when starting a rechargeable generator. After getting the STW outdoor clerk, I deliberately checked the details of its workmanship, and went online to learn about the quality requirements of this rechargeable generator in all aspects, which made me feel relieved.

This rechargeable generator has passed UL certification and is an automotive-grade battery cell with large capacity, and more importantly, safety and durability. The interface of this power supply adopts the design of the new national standard safety door, which can prevent the insertion of foreign objects such as metal and is more secure and reliable. Advantage. When you buy this rechargeable generator, you don't have to worry about accidental electric shock or leakage, let alone the so-called explosion.

Conclusion: The daily work at three o’clock and the line will always make people feel boring, and the busy life will also make us feel tired. In your spare time, you can bring your family to camping outdoors, which can not only relax your body and mind, but also enhance the friendship between your relatives. The problem of various electrical equipment naturally requires a large-capacity rechargeable generator to complete. The rechargeable generator designed by the STW brand is quite rich in functions. Of course, if the ordinary model can also be equipped with a solar charging version, it would be better. It's better to take action, so let's try it out.