2022 powerstation camping guide to buy pit avoidance

2022-05-13 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Today, when outdoor travel is becoming more and more popular, powerstation camping has been unable to meet the diverse needs of users. As an emerging market segment, battery powered generators are gradually being paid attention by more and more manufacturers. In recent years, the popularity of battery operated generators in China has exploded, and various outdoor power supply products have appeared on the market, but there are still many people who do not know much about battery operated generators and do not know how to buy them. . Below, the editor lists a few precautions that need to be avoided when buying an outdoor power supply, hoping to provide a reference for you to buy an outdoor power supply.

The pits to pay attention to when purchasing

1. Battery charging safety hazards. Mainly for the battery quality and protection function, if the power quality is not good, it is prone to fire or even explosion. Please choose regular products from regular channels and stay away from low-priced and inferior products.

2. The quality of the chassis shell. The most common outdoor power supply housings on the market are divided into two types: plastic housings and aluminum alloy housings. The plastic housings are often made of engineering plastics. This plastic housing is very fragile when it encounters collisions and falls. have this problem. Besides, the aluminum alloy shell has two advantages of fast heat dissipation and strong impact resistance, and the cost brought by the manufacturing process with a higher threshold is incomparable with the plastic shell.

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3. The product parameters are false standard. It is common in the false standard of battery capacity, and some products have launched high-power but very small-capacity products in order to attract attention. They are sold as high-end products, reducing batteries and reducing costs.

4. Output waveform selection. At present, there are several solutions for 220V AC output of outdoor power supplies on the market, namely sine wave, correction wave and square wave. Among them, the sine wave solution is the most expensive. Of course, the compatibility of sine wave is also the best in terms of experience. , which is almost the same as the household mains waveform. Therefore, when choosing a battery operated generator, do not choose an outdoor power supply product with corrected wave and square wave output for the sake of petty and cheap.