Outdoor energy storage power supply, escort your journey!

2023-04-04 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Outdoor mobile power supply is a portable energy storage power supply product with built-in ion battery and self-storing electric energy. Whether it is outdoor camping, friends gathering or outdoor activities such as hiking and mountaineering, outdoor mobile power supply can be seen. Outdoor camping, self-driving tour It has become an increasingly popular leisure activity, and the use of outdoor mobile power is more frequent!

The safety of outdoor mobile power, first of all, lies in the battery cells of outdoor mobile power. current, short-circuit protection and other protection settings,

In addition, the choice of shell material that is shock-resistant and drop-resistant or can block burning materials can make outdoor mobile power supplies safer, durable and guaranteed during use!

stw power station

While increasing the capacity, the outdoor energy storage power supply often has more types and quantities of interfaces, supports AC220V output, and supports PD fast charging. The specific difference is that different brands and models have differences in actual power and output power.

Outdoor energy storage power supply has also become popular among ordinary users. Another reason is that the volume of outdoor energy storage power supply is getting smaller and smaller, but the power and power are increasing. It provides better protection for outdoor activities and can also be used as a Home emergency power supply or vehicle emergency power supply to use.