Structural dismantling analysis of outdoor power supply

2023-04-04 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The entire energy storage power supply is composed of four parts: power conversion unit, power management unit, power storage unit, and power supply unit.

Outdoor power supply structure composition: 1. Supporting protection structure: surface shell, internal buffer and protection structure 2. Input and output control modules: inverter module, DC module 3. Battery pack components: battery pack, BMS module.

1. Power conversion unit: The electric energy stored in the energy storage power supply comes from the outside. There are many kinds of external electric energy, such as electricity from the city grid, solar power, wind power, and so on.

The power storage unit is composed of batteries, not all electric energy can be stored, and the external electric energy must be converted into electric energy that can be stored by the battery. The power conversion unit is a component that converts external electrical energy into electrical energy usable by the power storage unit, such as a charger.

2. Power management unit: It mainly manages the charging and discharging of the battery, the amount of capacity, strength, and temperature. It mainly uses the characteristics of the battery as a standard to manage the measurement, start, stop, on, and off of electric energy. Such as battery protection board, BMS battery management system.

stw power station

3. Power storage unit: The energy storage power supply does not produce electric energy, but is a warehouse for storing electric energy. This warehouse is composed of batteries, which can be lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, or supercapacitor batteries. These batteries have their own characteristics.

4.Power supply unit: The ultimate purpose of the energy storage power supply is to take out the stored electric energy and supply it to electrical appliances at the required time and place.

Due to the diversity of electrical appliances, the diversity of required power is required, so the power supply unit is required to convert the stored electricity and then supply it to various electrical appliances. For example, inverter, USB, cigarette lighter, and TYPE-C are all power supply units.