Explore energy storage power solutions in an exposure camp!

2023-03-31 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Insufficient electricity and energy storage in camping has always been a problem. General car batteries and external batteries have limited capacity. Factors such as long-term use and low temperature in winter will affect the power supply. At this time, energy storage power supply becomes a good choice. So, in camping, how to choose a suitable energy storage power supply?

In the selection of energy storage power supply, you can choose the energy storage power supply of lithium battery type. Lithium battery has strong energy storage capacity and relatively long life. A sufficient number of lithium ion battery packs can provide a considerable amount of energy storage.

1. Capacity: The capacity unit of the outdoor power supply is Wh (watt hour), and the outdoor power supply can generally store 0.5-4kwh. The unit of charging treasure is mAh (milliampere hour), which is generally referred to as milliampere. At present, even if the power bank is made very large, it is only tens of thousands of mAh, which can meet the charging of general mobile phones and other equipment about 3 to 4 times. Although the two cannot be directly compared with data, the outdoor power supply is much larger in capacity than the power bank!

portable power station

2.Volume and weight: Whether it is a power bank or an outdoor power supply, it is generally made of lithium batteries. The outdoor power supply requires higher power and larger capacity, so more lithium batteries are required to be combined in series. Furthermore, the volume and weight of the outdoor power supply are increased. When choosing an outdoor mobile power supply, you can choose an outdoor power supply product with the same capacity and smaller weight and volume. Large capacity can bring longer-lasting battery life, but we can't judge whether the outdoor power supply is suitable for us only by the battery capacity. We still have to start from our own needs and purchase outdoor energy storage power supplies on demand.

3.The choice of energy storage power supply needs to be selected according to travel needs and personal circumstances. In use, it is also necessary to use and protect the energy storage power supply reasonably.