Application of outdoor power supply in life and work

2023-03-28 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Portable outdoor power supply is a kind of portable energy storage power supply, built-in lithium battery, can store their own electricity. Equipped with 220V AC, USB, DC and other output modules. Outdoor use can provide convenient electricity for all kinds of electrical equipment, especially where the mains power supply is insufficient. At present, STW power supply has been applied in emergency rescue, outdoor work (such as exploration, construction, stalls, offshore operations, etc.), outdoor travel, mobile office and other scenarios!

1.Outdoor power supply is used in medical treatment and epidemic prevention and emergency rescue work

In the case of sudden natural disasters and fire hazards, the reliability and safety of the normal power output of the power grid will be destroyed, and the operation of emergency lighting and fire fighting equipment needs power to support. At this time, the outdoor power supply can ensure the power supply of emergency communication and provide continuous, reliable and safe power.

portable power station

2.Outdoor power supply solves the problem of electricity consumption for environmental monitoring and geological survey.

In environmental monitoring, electrical equipment emergency repair, pipeline maintenance, geological survey, fishing and animal husbandry and other fields, the demand for outdoor power supply is strong. The wilderness is vast, with no power supply, and wiring is difficult. Faced with power shortage, high power supply cost, unstable power supply, unable to normal outdoor work and other problems.

3.Outdoor power supply improves people's quality of outdoor life.

With the rise of outdoor travel, more and more people go outdoors to enjoy the health energy brought by me. People drive to travel, picnic camping, outdoor photos, are inseparable from the support of outdoor power supply. Outdoor power supply can provide power for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, and electronic products!

Opportunities and challenges for the portable energy storage industry. Whether it is epidemic prevention power supply, emergency medical power supply, or normal epidemic self-driving power supply, the demand for outdoor mobile power supply has soared.