How to charge the outdoor power source for self-driving tour?

2023-03-22 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

For many travel enthusiasts, outdoor power consumption has always been a headache, especially for self-driving tours, outdoor energy storage power supply has basically become a must-have for many self-driving tours. So how to charge the outdoor power supply?

Outdoor energy storage power supply is a portable power station that uses portable solar panels to charge batteries, and the stored electrical energy can be used to charge or operate other devices. Outdoor power supplies are used in outdoor camping, RV travel, outdoor live broadcast, outdoor construction, location shooting and Very popular in emergency backup power.

There are mainly several charging methods for outdoor power supplies on the market: AC charging, solar charging, car charging, and TYPE-C charging.

outdoor power station

1. AC AC charging: When self-driving tours are available, find a homestay AC AC charging.

2. Solar charging: The solar charging board can be fixed directly on the roof of the car, so that it can also supply power when driving, but its angle to the sun is related to the intensity of the sun, so sometimes there is not much charging.

3. Car charger charging; the car charger directly connected to the car supplies power to the outdoor power supply.

If you are a professional self-driving travel enthusiast or an industry user, pay attention to high power output, number of interfaces and charging efficiency, choose STW outdoor energy storage power supply, and bring you a different experience.