The difference between outdoor energy storage power supply and power bank:

2023-03-22 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Power bank is the most well-known portable power storage power source in daily life. With the rise of outdoor camping and self-driving travel culture, the demand for outdoor power consumption continues to expand, leading to the gradual entry of outdoor high-power energy storage power into people's field of vision.

Many people think that the outdoor power supply is an "enlarged version of the power bank", which is larger and can charge more electricity. This statement is relatively shallow and one-sided. Outdoor power supplies can not only store more electricity, but also have more functions, can be applied to more scenarios, and are much safer than charging treasures.

Let's take a look at the difference between charging treasure and outdoor power supply?

1. Output power

At present, the maximum output power of mobile phone charging treasures on the market is almost within 50W;The outdoor power supply starts at 200W, and most outdoor energy storage power supplies are above 500W, and the maximum can be above 5000W.

High power means that you can use high-power electrical appliances and digital devices; high power can greatly expand your usage scenarios, but the power bank usage scenarios are very single.

stw power station

2. Storage capacity

The unit of charging treasure is generally milliampere-hour (mAh), generally referred to as mAh.The unit of outdoor energy storage power supply is generally Wh (watt-hour).

3.Output interface

Outdoor power supply: AC 220V output socket, QC3.0 USB-A interface, PD USB-C interface, DC output interface, car charger output interface, etc.Charging treasure: mainly 5V USB interface.

Having said so much, it is not to completely deny the power bank, but the application scenarios of the two are completely different. The power bank is small and portable, and it is very convenient to take it with you to charge your mobile phone when you go shopping. However, if you are camping outside, traveling short distances, dealing with power outages, encountering natural disasters or emergencies and need electricity urgently, STW outdoor power supply is of course the most comfortable, safest and safest guarantee.