How to choose a suitable outdoor energy storage power supply?

2023-03-07 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

How to choose a suitable outdoor energy storage power supply, what should be paid attention to?

With the booming energy storage market, the demand for outdoor energy storage power products has also increased. Outdoor power is a portable power station that uses portable solar panels to charge batteries, and the stored power can be used for charging or operating other The device is a multifunctional power supply with a built-in lithium-ion battery and can store electric energy, also known as a portable energy storage power supply!

Outdoor energy storage power supply is very popular in outdoor camping, RV travel, outdoor live broadcast, location shooting and emergency backup power supply. The portable charging station has the characteristics of light weight, large capacity, high power, long life and strong stability. It can also output common power interfaces such as DC and AC, which can supply power for laptops, drones, photography lights, projectors, rice cookers, electric fans, kettles and other equipment.

The outdoor power supply is mainly composed of the following four parts:

1. Portable Solar Panel (Solar Folding Pack) - harvests energy from the sun.

2. Rechargeable battery - stores the energy captured by the solar panel.

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3. Solar charge controller - manages the energy going into the battery.

4. Solar Inverter - converts solar energy into usable electricity.

When choosing an outdoor energy storage power supply, price and cost-effectiveness are very important. Now the price of outdoor power supplies is still very expensive, so we still need to look at the cost-effectiveness when we choose. When choosing an outdoor energy storage power supply, I suggest that you need to consider the richness of the power supply interface! Understand the power supply requirements, when choosing a portable energy storage power supply, you should determine the selection criteria according to your own requirements, and choose a standard energy storage power supply that suits your needs , not cheap or fancy.