What functions does the energy storage power supply for outdoor camping need?

2023-03-06 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

For outdoor camping, the power supply is the most important, and many devices need to be charged: In addition to basic functions such as charging and lighting, what other functions do you need in practical applications?

1. Determine whether it is a long-distance travel or a short-distance travel scenario

Short-distance travel and long-distance travel have different requirements for mobile power. If it is a short-distance trip, the choice of outdoor power supply can focus on light weight, small size, portability and diversity of charging methods, and the requirements for battery capacity and battery life can be lowered.

It is inevitable to use high-power electrical appliances during long-distance travel, so the first factors to choose an outdoor power supply are battery capacity, battery life, charging method, as for body shape, weight and other aspects are relatively secondary.

portable power station

2. Capacity selection

The larger the battery capacity of the outdoor power supply, the longer it can continue to provide output power, and the more suitable it is for long-distance travel. The outdoor power supply used by many people for self-driving travel has large capacity and sufficient power. Basically, it is no problem to use it for several days without charging.

3. Charging method

Outdoor power supplies generally have a series of methods such as solar charging panels, PD adapter chargers, and car chargers. There must be 3 or more charging methods for outdoor mobile power supplies. It is easy to charge in any environment, resulting in power shortages.

4. Panel function

As an outdoor artifact, the outdoor power supply must have a multi-functional interface. So that you can be prepared when traveling outdoors

5. Security

The safety of the outdoor mobile power supply, first of all, lies in the battery cells of the outdoor mobile power supply, temperature protection, anti-battery overcharge and over-discharge, anti-overvoltage, anti-short circuit and other protection settings. In addition, the shell material is made of anti-shock, drop-resistant, anti-blocking and burning materials, etc., which can make the outdoor mobile power supply safer, more durable and more secure.