How to choose to join in the power bank shared charging?

2022-12-17 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

At present, many shopping malls, catering places, railway stations, supermarkets, hospitals and other places with large traffic volume have placed power bank shared charging stations. Several shopping malls, railway stations and other outlets can rent and return the power banks, and nationwide outlets can borrow and return them.

However, there are some potential safety hazards while the sharing power bank brings convenience to the citizens. Due to the long-term exposure of the shared power bank and the improper use of the user, and if the brand of the power bank shared charging station is three non-product, then will you rest assured? Once there is a problem with the power bank, how much will the impact be?

How to choose to join in the power bank shared charging?

1. Select the franchisee of the power bank sharinig with obvious strength, R&D and design strength, and strong control over the stability of the product. Only in this way can the user market be obtained to a greater extent.

2. Select franchisees with good after-sales teams and factories. This can help solve various problems of franchisees online, and to a large extent ensure the user's experience, so as to cultivate long-term fans.  


3. Select the franchisee of the power bank sharing with reasonable price. The manufacturers control the cost at the source, with high safety and fast charging speed, which is more conducive to the rapid profit of franchisees.

4. Select the franchisee of power bank shared with high reliability and factory. Now many franchisees have been cheated into the company, and found that the brand of Powerbank they joined is a shell company. However, the source manufacturers of factories have high costs of running away, so they are more trustworthy.