Steps to prepare for sharing power bank charger agent

2022-12-15 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

First: select the brand of power bank rental share, and judge whether the brand is directly operated and whether it is the source manufacturer.

Second: select your own product launch area in advance, the number of points in the launch area, the number of people, etc

Third: purchase a small number of power bank rental machines and start to put them on the market. Test the quality of the equipment, the stability of the system, the response speed of customer service, and the after-sales feedback of consumers on the equipment.

Forth: Rental price can be set. As a necessary device for merchants to attract customers, power bank sharing rental is not good for merchants if the rental price is beyond their control. For example, for the same KTV, if the owner of the opposite store buys a power bank shared station and sets a lower rental price, your customers will undoubtedly rent it from the opposite side, which will also cause huge losses to customers. Over time, a shared power bank accident will become serious.