Lithium Battery Exhibition 2022 Shenzhen Battery Industry Expo

2022-06-27 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Lithium Battery Exhibition 2022 Shenzhen Battery Industry Expo | Mobile Power Exhibition | Portable Power Station Exhibition

Time: December 7 to December 9, 2022

Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (New Hall)

Lithium batteries are currently widely used in mobile phones, mobile power supplies and electric vehicles, and are mature in the first two fields. However, because the capacity of lithium batteries is proportional to the volume, the current lithium battery technology cannot perfectly solve the problems of battery life and battery size of electric vehicles. Therefore, the electric vehicle and power lithium battery industry has not been recognized by consumers, which makes many power lithium battery industry chains (especially downstream manufacturers) in trouble.

Industry data shows that in August 2021, CCTV Finance and Economics "Punctual Finance" conducted a special report on the "explosive growth" of portable power stations, "This is the fastest growing emerging industry I have ever seen. Three years ago, the portable power station brand had only one brand. The transaction volume of the two companies is very small. During this year’s Tmall 618, the transaction volume of the top brands of portable power station has rushed to the top 10 in the 3C digital accessories industry, with a growth rate of more than 300% in the past three years.” The head of Tmall 3C digital accessories Jiang Jing said. According to data from JD Business Intelligence, the turnover of portable power station 618 increased by more than 358% year-on-year. Some companies have pointed out that since the establishment of the factory in 2019, we have been in a state of catching up with demand and catching up with goods, basically zero inventory.

In recent years, the portable power station market has become more and more popular, and portable power station products have been iteratively updated. With the iteration of battery technology and inverter technology, the application scope of portable power station has been greatly expanded. Portable energy storage products can be used in various outdoor scenarios such as camping, fishing, cycling, RV travel, adventure rescue, etc. Various devices such as computers, drones, photographic equipment, and lighting provide green power. The portable power station is mature in the international market, portable energy storage products can penetrate rapidly, the domestic outdoor market is developing rapidly, and the market potential is huge.

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Range of exhibition:

1. Lithium battery: lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride battery, nickel cadmium battery, solid state battery, super capacitor, sodium sulfur battery, sodium nickel chloride battery, flow battery, lithium primary battery, zinc manganese battery, lithium manganese button battery , Alkaline manganese batteries, zinc-nickel batteries, zinc-silver batteries, thermal batteries, fuel cells, storage batteries, solar cells, thin-film batteries, semiconductor thermoelectric components and other new types of batteries;

2. Power battery and management system: management systems for drones, model aircraft, electric tools, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, low-speed electric vehicles, electric buses, electric passenger cars, electric logistics vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, electric dump trucks, etc. ;

3. Cells: square cells, cylindrical cells, pouch cells, etc.;

4. Lithium battery materials: positive electrode material, negative electrode material, electrolyte, electrolyte, separator, graphene, electrode foil insulating tube, activated carbon, ionic water solution, hydrogen absorbing alloy, sealant, adhesive, aluminum plastic film, steel shell, aluminum shell , other related materials, etc.;

5. Testing equipment: flow meter, charge and discharge test equipment, centrifuge, insulation tester, life tester, impedance tester, internal resistance tester, other testing, verification, analysis equipment, etc.;

6. Lithium battery equipment: electrode manufacturing equipment, pulverizer, stirring mixer, coating equipment, dryer, rolling press, slice and cutting equipment, punching machine, electrode assembly equipment, electrode plate coiling machine, electrode stacking equipment, Baking machine, electrolyte injection equipment, packaging equipment, laser welding machine, battery assembly equipment, charging equipment, inkjet printer, glove box, labeling machine, battery zinc cylinder, steel shell punching equipment, handling robot, laser tab Welding, welding robots, assembly robots, testing and inspection equipment, sensors and other related equipment, etc.;

7. Mobile power sources: chargers, power banks, car chargers, wireless charging, portable energy storage power sources, solar chargers and other batteries and accessories: various types of mobile power lithium-ion batteries, battery manufacturing equipment technology, solutions, Chips and other key components, power chassis, cabinets, insulating materials, battery cells, power plugs, mobile power sockets, power adapters, power cord bending testing machines and other ancillary products;

8. Wireless product categories: mobile terminals and accessories, smart hardware, wearable devices, Bluetooth and wireless products, health and sports products, smart home and other mobile power categories: mobile power carts, car chargers, mobile phone gas stations, power banks leasing platform, etc.;

9. Accessories: mobile power supply shell, battery cover, supporting charging cable, USB retractable cable/data cable, mobile power supply design scheme, mobile power supply packaging, etc.;

The portable power station generally uses a lithium-ion battery pack or a lithium iron phosphate battery pack as an energy storage device, and converts the DC power of the battery pack into an AC power output through an inverter circuit to meet the power needs of various electrical equipment.

Portable power station product features:

1. Portable

The mobile portability of portable power station means that the product performs its function in a mobile state (for example: travel, mobile office, when the charger is not available or when charging is inconvenient), that is, providing digital devices anywhere and at any time without restrictions. When the product is powered on or charged, you can take it wherever you go. The portable power station can really give people a feeling of peace of mind, making work and life more convenient.

2. Versatility

Because the portable power station is basically equipped with ac 220v ac output interface, dc 12v dc output interface, and usb 5v dc output interface, it can not only power/charge low-power electronic devices, but also provide long-term vehicle equipment and even home equipment. The power supply is very compatible.

3. Practicality

We all know that electronic devices need batteries, but the original batteries of these devices generally have the problems of low battery capacity and short battery life, which cannot meet the long-term use. This is what these devices do while traveling or traveling. During peak hours, there is often no electricity at critical moments. Faced with these embarrassing situations, the portable power station can solve these problems very well at this time.