How to maintain the portable power bank

2022-06-23 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

      The maintenance of the battery is the same regardless of whether it is a mobile phone or other electrical appliances that use batteries. The maintenance of the battery is divided into nickel-metal hydride, lead-acid and lithium-ion, etc., but it is not divided into mobile and fixed, and it is not divided into brands or manufacturers.

      The speed of battery wear and the length of life depends on many factors. The quality and capacity of the battery are very important, as well as the intensity and frequency of use. Proper maintenance will affect the life of the battery.

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      Avoid falling, especially being careful not to squeeze. Products such as electrical appliances have always been unbearable to be dropped, and mobile power supplies are no exception. Small mobile power supplies are actually complex battery cell devices. Dropping or squeezing may damage the components inside at any time, especially some people like to use them. Put the power bank under the seat, or put it on the bedside table and be pressed by various magazines and books. Please note that it is very easy to damage the cell of the power bank.

      Pay attention to temperature and humidity. Everyone must have had such an experience. If the weather is humid, especially in Nantian, when the TV at home is turned on, the picture will appear a little blurry and the colors will be distorted. This is the effect of humidity on electrical appliances. Of course, the mobile power supply is no exception, so try to avoid storing the mobile power supply in an environment where the temperature and humidity are too extreme. If the weather is relatively humid, you can use it more frequently and charge it, which is also a good way to protect it. method.

      Try not to use it before it is fully charged. This is like the maintenance method of mobile phone batteries. Mobile phone batteries are generally not recommended to be interrupted when charging is not completed, and the same is true for mobile power supplies. Before the mobile power supply can charge the mobile phone for battery life, you must first fully charge the power of the mobile power supply itself. During this process, try to avoid interruption of the charging before it is completed, because this will also reduce its life.

      You can use the following principles:
      Electric appliances and TVs and other appliances share sockets, especially small-capacity sockets. There is no problem in using such sockets, because the chargers can tolerate voltage fluctuations and under-voltage charging.
Use AC power.
      Do not use the mobile power supply for a long time. If you do not use the mobile power supply for a long time, you need to charge it at intervals.