A necessary portable power station for emergency power outages

2022-04-11 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Whether it is life or work, even today, which is relatively complete in all aspects, it is inevitable that there will be emergencies in various aspects, especially the power problem. For example, if there is an emergency power outage at home, or when the power of the device is not enough when outdoors, it is difficult for a small power bank to meet the needs, and it is easy to make people in a hurry. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare an emergency power supply. Although it is not used very frequently, it is always right to be prepared for everything.

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Nowadays, portable power station products like STW are relatively mature in all aspects. It integrates the technical application of new energy sources such as energy storage batteries, charging treasures, and UPS power supplies, and meets the characteristics of real safety, real power, and real convenience. It can be said that the STW portable power station is born to solve the indoor and outdoor diversity and safe electricity consumption.

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The inverter used by the STW portable power station is a bidirectional inverter. The square wave can drive many high-power household appliances, such as electric pressure cookers, rice cookers, etc., while the sine wave can be converted into 220V more stably. Just like using electricity at home, it will not harm electrical appliances. This can ensure the use needs of various groups of people, and the key is to protect various electronic devices.

STW portable power station has a variety of products, ranging from 500WH to 1000WH, and then to the recently launched 2000WH high-capacity product. Whether it is a home emergency or an outdoor backup, you can choose the most suitable model and capacity for you.

STW portable power station also has a wealth of electrical interfaces, which can meet the use of various electrical appliances at the same time, such as mobile phones, computers, drones, cameras, kettles, induction cookers, car refrigerators, etc. It can be compared to a small power station in function.

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When most people choose an emergency power supply, the focus is often on indicators such as power, capacity, and interface. In fact, the battery of the emergency power supply is also not to be underestimated. After all, there are often news about the explosion of electric vehicles. A bad lithium battery is simply a time bomb. STW has an engineering and technical team that has been engaged in lithium batteries for many years and has excellent hardware and software research and development capabilities. Its portable power station uses lithium iron phosphate small blade batteries, and adopts advanced equipment for testing to ensure product consistency. There are hidden dangers in process safety, so that everyone's safety is guaranteed when using STW portable power station.

As a national brand, STW is based on "quality" and "safety", and uses technology to create the industry's hard power, so that every user can experience a safe and convenient life with electricity.