Buying a rechargeable generator needs to pay attention to the product parameters

2022-04-11 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Battery capacity
Rechargeable generators and UPS uninterruptible power supplies have a lot in common, and they mainly focus on two points: one is battery capacity and the other is power.

The battery is the core of these power supply devices, and the capacity of the battery determines how long it can keep outputting power and how long it can provide battery life.

Considering that the rechargeable generator can be placed in the trunk of the car, the volume does not need to be a priority, so if the size does not matter, try to choose a generator with a size of more than 500wh.

Taking the outdoor power supply of 500W to 600W and the battery capacity of about 500Wh to 600Wh as an example, the power supply time reference is as follows:

A 100W device can supply power for about 4-5 hours, a 300W device such as a rice cooker can supply power for about 1.7 hours, and a mobile phone can be charged more than 30 times.

The 100W device can achieve power supply for about 7-8 hours, the 300W device can achieve power supply for about 2-3 hours, and the mobile phone can be charged more than 60 times.

The 100W device can achieve power supply for about 15 hours, the 300W device can achieve power supply for about 5-6 hours, and the mobile phone can be charged more than 100-150 times.

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Power represents the wattage W, which is different from the watt-hour Wh and the milliamp mAh. The wattage represents the output power of the outdoor power supply. To drive a lot of electronic equipment, it is recommended to choose an outdoor power supply of more than 500w.

A 500W outdoor power supply can generally bring a 500W rice cooker and an 800W hair dryer.

Outdoor power supplies of more than 1000W can generally bring 1000W electric kettles and induction cookers.

Outdoor power supplies of about 1200W-2000W can generally bring 1300W microwave ovens and 1600W electric ovens.

Battery type
Except for a few electronic devices such as UPS, which use lead-acid batteries, most of them use lithium batteries. The same is true for outdoor power supplies, which are basically lithium batteries.

The current rechargeable generator, most of the batteries used are cylindrical lithium-ion batteries 18650 lithium batteries, also known as ternary lithium batteries; and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

These two kinds of lithium batteries are relatively mainstream lithium batteries.

STW rechargeable generator has many advantages, high battery density and large energy output, but poor high temperature stability, not as safe as lithium iron phosphate battery.

Compared with ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries are safer and have better charge and discharge performance, but the battery density is low.

These two kinds of lithium batteries have their own advantages, but for outdoor power supply, you don't need to care which kind of battery.

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This may seem unimportant, but it is actually very important. Outdoor power is different from general electrical appliances. The low-voltage DC 12V needs to be boosted to 220V AC. In this process, about 10% of the heat energy will be wasted. In addition to using the fan to dissipate heat, if the aluminum alloy material is used, more heat can be dissipated to ensure the safety of the lithium battery. (Huawei has done a good job in this regard. It is the only brand that uses an aluminum alloy casing and does not have a built-in fan among all well-known outdoor power supply brands.)

The rechargeable generator is generally used outdoors or in a vehicle, and it is inevitable that it will be bumped, dropped, squeezed, and even bumped and rolled in extreme cases. In order to protect the lithium battery cells inside, there must be a sturdy casing.

Static electricity will inevitably be generated during travel, and static electricity will pose a fatal threat to the circuit in the interior of the rechargeable generator, and the metal casing is naturally anti-static.

To sum up, the combination of aluminum alloy + ABS & fireproof PC plastic becomes the most ideal choice for the heat dissipation, sturdiness, anti-static and lightness of the aluminum alloy shell.

Output port

There must be more ports for the outdoor power supply, at least five, the more the better. The ideal configuration that best meets the needs should be:

· There are 2 AC sockets.

· There is 1 DC interface.

· There is a 12V car charger.

· There are two or more USB ports.

1 Type-C interface, preferably a fast charge of more than 60W.

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Volume and weight
The volume and weight of the battery charged generator increase with the increase of the parameters. For example, the 1000W generator is obviously larger than the 500W generator.

Considering that there are basically cars in the application scenarios of the battery charged generator, this factor is not particularly important, just put it in the trunk.