What’s Shared Power Bank?

Since entered the information age, the Internet has permeated into every aspect of our lives. Nowadays shared power bank is a hit on the internet before many people had time to digest the knowledge about shared bikes. But most of us haven’t seen or known about it yet. What’s shared mobile power bank on earth?

Similar to shared bikes, shared power bank is also a form of sharing economy. It is a power bank sharing service towards the public, provided by specific enterprises and placed in the hotel, shopping more and other public places, which is aimed to solve the pain points on non-detachable battery design and poor battery life of smart phones.


When we go out, it happens that our phones run out of battery without carrying our own power banks, there will be several solutions for us.

  • Replacing the dead battery with carry-on backup battery is a common practise. However, over 95% of smart phones are equipped with non-detachable design at present.
  • Looking for shared charging station. They are usually outfitted in the airports and railway stations. But we are faced with the dangerous that our personal information maybe exploited by criminals behind the scene.
  • Shops for free charging like some convenience stores and coffee shops. They offers staff service at the front desk, which belongs to additional value-added services for customers. While those shops is difficult to find due to unfixed location.
  • Borrowing power bank from others. But you are unable to take the power bank away so you need to stay nearby the person and give it back in time.

Taking these aspects into consideration, shared mobile power bank is a better option for people who are scared at low-battery. As it makes possible that you can use the power bank immediately when you need it and no cumbersome process. It seems to be very convenient as long as the coverage areas are sufficient.