Types of the Shared Power Bank

Shared mobile power bank mainly aims to solve the problem that cellphone needs to be charged when it is out of power or in low power when you are outdoors. There are three types of them now on the market: desktop power bank, small sharing power bank cabinet and large sharing power bank cabinet.


Desktop power bank requires no deposit, directly provided by merchants towards consumers who are in need. Consumers’ dining experience can be highly enhanced with menus or advertising information printed on the power banks. Generally it’s limited to use in this place inside of the field and doesn’t allow to be taken out. Relatively speaking, the running cost is low and the replicability is strong, which is mainly used in restaurants, clubs and other small places.

Small sharing power bank cabinet: single cabinet can accommodate 5 to 12 shared mobile power banks. As long as the cabinet is powered on, it can operate the borrowing and returning process and autonomous maintenance automatically with no need for manual intervention. It is usually placed in hotels, small supermarkets, cafes, bars, etc, which supports returning in other places but deposit is required for usage.

Large sharing power bank cabinet: single cabinet contains 20 to 50 power banks, which is conspicuous. Some of them carry ads on the front advertising screen. The operating principle is the same as that of small-sized cabinet, while it is located in large shopping malls, airports, station halls, hospitals, tourist attractions and other high-traffic places because of its larger size and high capacity.