What is an outdoor power station

2021-07-20 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

The outdoor power station is actually a large power bank. What we often use to charge our mobile phones is a small power bank - small and delicate, even smaller than a mobile phone;

The medium-sized power bank used to charge the laptop is larger than the mobile phone power bank, and the battery capacity is also higher.

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However, if you go out for camping, barbecues and picnics, the battery capacity of the small and medium-sized power banks is not enough. At this time, you need a large-capacity power bank that can charge a variety of devices. At this time, the outdoor power station is born.

If you give a precise definition, outdoor power station is:

A device that allows you to safely use electricity anytime, anywhere outdoors.

A portable power station that can hold enormous amounts of energy.

A device that will keep you away from power shortage panics in areas outside the city, where there are no electrical outlets.

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