How to choose outdoor power station/camping power station for 2023?

2023-05-18 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Taking advantage of weekends and holidays, driving a RV with friends, camping outdoors, fishing, and other activities has become a fashionable lifestyle. Driving outdoors requires doing enough preparation work to fully enjoy the fun of camping. How to make outdoor life more exquisite? First, solve the most basic electricity problem, otherwise various electronic devices such as refrigerators, water kettles, cameras, drones, movies, etc. cannot exert their power.

So how should we choose outdoor energy storage power supply?

1. Check the wattage

The higher the wattage, the more electronic devices can power and the more outdoor activities can do. For example, You need to purchase at least 150W of outdoor power station to power the car refrigerator with 150W.

2. Check the battery capacity

The larger the capacity, the longer the power station can use, select the as large capacity as possible.

3. Check the multi output outlets

One outdoor power station maximum can power 220V

AC port: supports most electronic devices such as sockets

USB port: supports mobile devices

Type-c: Huawei port, supporting laptops

DC port: direct flush port

Car charging port: can put in the car to charge the power station

outdoor power supply

PD, QC: Fast charging to improve the charging efficiency of mobile devices. Compared to QC's fast charging, PD fast charging is compatible with many mobile phone protocols safety without  damaging the battery and without overheat charge.

4. Check charging speed

The charging speed of outdoor power station is reflected by the charging method and charging speed. Poeple can use sockets, car chargers, and solar panels to charge the power station.

5. Check the bonus function

In addition to charging function, some outdoor power station have LED lights and soft light;

Some can be monitored in real-time and remotely controlled through mobile apps;

Some support wireless charging, etc.