How to choose an suitable outdoor power supply?

2023-04-21 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Taking advantage of weekends and holidays, driving a RV with friends, camping outdoors, fishing, and other activities has become a fashionable lifestyle. Driving outdoors requires doing enough preparation work to fully enjoy the fun of camping. How to make outdoor life more exquisite? First, solve the most basic electricity problem, otherwise various electronic devices such as refrigerators, water kettles, cameras, drones, movies, etc. cannot exert their power.

So how do you choose an outdoor power source that suits you?

For short-term digital devices needs, use to charge such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, and other outdoor office photography, 300-500w and capacity 80000-13000mAh (300-500wh) is enough for short time needs.

outdoor power supply

For long term outdoor travel needs, boiling water, cooking a meal, a large amount of digital, night lighting, and audio. We recommend that power between 500 and 1000W,capacity between 130000 and 30000mAh (500-1000wh) can meet the request.

Home power outage emergency, lighting, mobile digital, laptop, 300W-1000W is enough, depending on actual needs.

Outdoor work, simple construction work without mains power, we recommend that 1000w and a capacity over 270000mah (1000wh) can meet the requirements of general low-power operations.

Choose an outdoor energy storage power source that is suitable for you based on the usage environment and frequency. The one that is suitable for you is always the best,STW outdoor energy storage power supply provides protection for your journey!