The demand for outdoor energy storage power is huge and the prospect is bright

2023-04-18 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

This year, the outdoor economy gradually began to enter the public's field of vision. With the opening of the epidemic and the introduction of short videos, outdoor tents became popular. More and more young people have become popular for outdoor camping, and the camping spots everywhere are tents that can't be seen at a glance.

More and more young people like to travel by car!

Portable energy storage power supply, also known as "outdoor power supply", is a small energy storage system that uses a built-in high-energy-density lithium-ion battery to provide stable AC and DC output. It is mainly composed of batteries, energy storage converters, circuit boards and Composed of electronic components and casings, it has the advantages of large capacity, high power, small size, light weight, safety and portability, and can usually be charged by solar energy, and can match mainstream electronic equipment on the market. It is widely used in outdoor travel, outdoor Operations, emergency disaster relief, medical rescue and other scenarios.

The multi-scenario application of outdoor power supply sets a new benchmark for high-end mobile power while completing technological innovation for home and outdoor life and outdoor work.

outdoor power supply

For portable outdoor power supply products, a 600W outdoor energy storage power supply is sufficient to provide long-lasting power endurance for home life, travel, photography and other consumer electronics products.

The only characteristic of the outdoor power supply is that it can store electric energy and sine wave inverter technology, stable current and voltage output, with multi-function output interface, AC/DC output, USB output, car charger interface output, which supports users in different scenarios use below. Ample power provides convenience for mental life.

With the continuous expansion of new energy installed capacity, the integration of new energy and energy storage technology will be further deepened in the future.